Cleaning Led To This

Ginger: What’s worse, a pirate attack or a zombie attack? Or a pirate zombie attack?

Ruby: I love our conversations.

Ginger: What?

Ruby: Nothing – pirates are worse. With zombies, at least you know where you stand. If you lose – you’re a zombie. Or dinner. With pirates, who knows?

Ginger: That’s true. I hadn’t thought of that. I guess we can’t all hope to be captured by nice pirates.

Ruby: You hope to be captured by pirates?

Ginger: Actually, I was hoping to lead the pirates doing the capturing.

Ruby: That sounds like the Ginger we know and love.

Ginger: So, what’s all this?

Ruby: Oh, I found some old photos and I was trying to find the right album in which to place them.

Ginger: Old photos – you mean, like, taken by an antique camera that required old-timey film stuff?

Ruby: Yeah, like the type of camera you still use.

Ginger: I like antiques. Especially antiques circa 1999. Turn of the century junk.

Ruby: Yeah. Anyway, these were sent from my mother. That’s me going to my first dance.

Ginger: I remember my first dance. The 4-H Valentine’s Day dance.

Ruby: You were in 4-H?

Ginger: We’re not discussing that part of my life.

Ruby: Right. Did you have fun?

Ginger: A boy asked me to dance that night.

Ruby: Did you kick him in the knee or just glare him into submission?

Ginger: I danced with him. His name was Charley.

Ruby: Aw, how sweet. And totally unlike you.

Ginger: I know. It was a different time. I was in 4-H.

Ruby: The first boy who ever asked me to dance was a Tony.

Ginger: You danced with an award?

Ruby: No, Tony. Like…like DiNozzo.


Ruby: (sigh) Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

Ginger: What can I say? My morning was filled with partially-thought out pirate attacks. I’m in no condition to focus on reality now.

Ruby: Reality? You?

Ginger: Oh, sure, you get stuck on the word “reality,” but not “now.” Cause, I’m constantly focusing on reality. Or that it’s so weird that I would be unable to focus on it all of a sudden.

Ruby: If I sigh again, can we move on?

Ginger: Try and we’ll see.

Ruby: (sigh)

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