Voicing Opinion

Ruby: Hi, Ginger, what’s new?

Ginger: I suddenly have a newfound respect for Tress MacNeille and Rob Paulsen and Mel Blanc and –

Ruby: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I only recognized one of those names.

Ginger: And John Ratzenberger and Mark Hamill…

Ruby: You’re going to have to give me more than that.

Ginger: And Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman and Gus Sorola and Matt Hullum…

Ruby: Voice actors?

Ginger: Voice actors.

Ruby: Why couldn’t you just say ‘voice actors’ in the first place?

Ginger: Because then you would have asked me if I KNEW of any voice actors.

Ruby: Well obviously you do. You were just showing off.

Ginger: Um. Yeah.

Ruby: So why the sudden support for the faceless famous?

Ginger: Have you ever tried to record your voice so that others will hear it by choice?

Ruby: It’s called voicemail outgoing message, Ginger. You should try it one of these days.

Ginger: I have an outgoing message.

Ruby: Yeah, it’s not that helpful.

Ginger: I will have you know I receive all sorts of compliments on it.

Ruby: Whatever. Why were you recording something?

Ginger: I was selected to be the voice of my department on the website.

Ruby: Oh, that’s right! So…how many times did you have to re-record?

Ginger: Oh, you know, nothing too bad…just…six or eight…teen…times.

Ruby: Eighteen times?

Ginger: There was a funny tickle in my throat.

Ruby: Eighteen times?

Ginger: It’s not that bad. I mean, really. Don’t you think Rob Paulsen flubbed it a few times while recording the countries of the world song?

Ruby: That was Rob Paulsen?

Ginger: Yeah. He’s my hero.

Ruby: Still…all you had to say was “Welcome to DynaCorps,” right? Not “United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama?”

Ginger: It was “Welcome to DynaCorps, take a look around. Let us know if you have any questions by clicking on the envelope icon in the corner.” It turns out ‘envelope icon’ is harder to say than we thought.

Ruby: Well, it sounded fine just now when you said it.

Ginger: That’s because I have already said it eighteen times.

Ruby: True.

Ginger: But I have a newfound respect for voice actors. The pressure of a microphone is incredible!

Ruby: So, have you listened to it yet?

Ginger: Yeah.

Ruby: And?

Ginger: I still think I could have done better on ‘envelope icon.’

Ruby: How were you mispronouncing it?

Ginger: It sounds like the missing Transformer… Envelopicon! Transforms from a plain white business envelope into an enraged postal worker-bot!

Ruby: …No more cartoons for you.


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