Magic Powers!

Ginger: Ruby?

Ruby: Yes?

Ginger: I think you should be the first to know.

Ruby: Okay.

Ginger: I’m going to take over the world.

Ruby: …yeah, are we really going through this again?

Ginger: You just have to listen! It’ll work this time, I swear!

Ruby: Okay, Brain. Narf and stuff.

Ginger: If you’re not going to do the voice, why bother saying Narf?

Ruby: This is why you’ll never succeed in taking over the world. I won’t be there to tell you to Focus.

Ginger: Why not?

Ruby: Because while the world may be a mess, you don’t need to rule it.

Ginger: But you haven’t even listened to my plan! You’ll like it this time!

Ruby: Fine. What is it?

Ginger: I have magic powers.

Ruby: On this planet?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: Okay. What are they?

Ginger: I can put people to sleep.

Ruby: So can my fiancé.

Ginger: With his voice? And calm and soothing manner?

Ruby: …he uses magic potions…?

Ginger: I can lull people to sleep. And people always want to stay in bed a little longer and drift off to sleep. I can rule the world by keeping people in a happy state of slumber. Do you realize what this means?

Ruby: You’ll have to change a lot of sheets?

Ginger: Um…I hadn’t thought of that.

Ruby: What had you thought of?

Ginger: My name.

Ruby: What name did you pick out?

Ginger: The Somnamulatress!

Ruby: That sounds like a sleepwalking albatross.

Ginger: That’s okay, I had a back-up name. The Sleepy Lady. Not as good, I’ll admit, but…

Ruby: But it sounds like Snow White and Sleepy Dwarf had a baby together.

Ginger: Oh. What about the Lady of Night?

Ruby: That sounds really close to ‘lady of the evening.’ I don’t think you want to imply that.

Ginger: The Somnambulista?

Ruby: Sleepwalking barista.

Ginger: I guess it’s back to the drawing board…

Ruby: Yeah, you might want to re-think joining the Evil League of Evil until you complete your PhD in Horrible-ness.

Ginger: Yeah, that thesis is killing me…

Ruby: Somewhere, someone is proud of you. I just know it.

Ginger: Rip Van—

Ruby: Motorcyclist with a Lunesta addiction.

Ginger: What about the Slumber Queen?

Ruby: Mattress seller. With creepy commercials.

Ginger: I’ll return! And when I do…

Ruby: Yeah…vengeance will be yours, all left shoes will be stolen and chaos will ensue. Got it.

Ginger: You take all the fun out of being evil sometimes.

Ruby: I know.

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