The Game Is Alive

Ginger: (banging on door) Ruby? Are you home? Come on!

Ruby: Go away. I’m sleeping.

Ginger: You talk really coherently in your sleep.

Ruby: I work at it. Fly taught me.

Ginger: Open the door in your sleep, then. Come on!

Ruby: (opening door) But now you’re going to expect me to get dressed and do something.

Ginger: Darn tootin’. Go get dressed. Let’s go!

Ruby: Why? Where are we going?

Ginger: We are having lunch with my brother and then going to see a movie.

Ruby: Which brother?

Ginger: Remember the brother who was moving to St. Louis?

Ruby: Yes?

Ginger: Him.

Ruby: Isn’t he in St. Louis?

Ginger: No.

Ruby: I thought he was moving to St. Louis on Friday.

Ginger: Why would you think that?

Ruby: Because you said “My brother is moving to St. Louis on Thursday.”

Ginger: When did I say that?

Ruby: Wednesday.

Ginger: Why would you believe me?

Ruby: Why wouldn’t I believe you?

Ginger: Because it wasn’t true.

Ruby: Why would you lie about that?

Ginger: Because Wednesday was Liar’s Day. I missed out on April Fool’s Day, so Wednesday was Liar’s Day. Fooled you!

Ruby: And you didn’t tell me on Thursday because…?

Ginger: Thursday was Play Along Day. You’re supposed to carry over any lie from Liar’s Day into Thursday. Fooled you twice!

Ruby: And today?

Ginger: You don’t like my Games, do you?

Ruby: Was your brother ever going to move to St. Louis?

Ginger: There were plans. They fell through.

Ruby: And this was the best way you could tell me?

Ginger: Well I didn’t want you to be left in the dark forever…and explaining all the boring details just sounded too…dull. I thought this was a fun, new way to pass on the news.

Ruby: Is your brother really meeting us for lunch today?

Ginger: Um…no. Fooled you thrice?

Ruby: If it’s ‘fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,’ do I get to beat you with a couch cushion at ‘fool me thrice’?

Ginger: That’s a good question. You should ponder that…for a long time…no need for rash actions…

Ruby: I’m feelin’ a bit rash actiony right now. Waking me from a dead sleep does that.

Ginger: Wow! Is that the time? I gotta get going!

Ruby: Wow! It is that time! Bye, now!

Ginger: Bye! Oh – did you want us to pick you up for the movie later?

Ruby: Ginger – LEAVE.

Ginger: ‘kay…


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