(phone rings)

Ruby: H’llo?

Ginger: Cheese and bread.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Cheese and bread. It’s what you went to the store to get.

Ruby: Ginger, it’s…3:17 am. Why are you calling me?

Ginger: Because you couldn’t remember what you needed when you got to the store.

Ruby: When?

Ginger: In the dream.

Ruby: Go back to sleep.

Ginger: Fine.

(hangs up)

…time passes…

(phone rings)

Ginger: Mmfh?

Ruby: Blue corn chips and hot dogs.

Ginger: Oh. Well, don’t forget to pick up the wine coolers and pickles while you’re there.

Ruby: Why are we dreaming about going to the store?

Ginger: It’s Memorial Day weekend.

Ruby: This is supposed to mean something at 4:02 am?

Ginger: I think we went shopping without a list last year.

Ruby: Oh.

Ginger: G’nite.

Ruby: Yeah.

(hangs up)

…time passes…

(phone rings)

Ruby: Why did you call your mother “Tim?”

Ginger: Those stairs can’t go up, they – wait, you’re not my sister.

Ruby: No, but why did you call your mother “Tim?”

Ginger: I’m sorry, I can’t answer that right now, I have to call my sister.

Ruby: Right. Bye.

Ginger: Bye.

(hangs up)

…time passes…

(phone rings)

Ginger: Oh, for the love of chocolate!

Ruby: You’re watching it on TV, too, aren’t you?

Ginger: Who shows reruns of “Scrubs” at 6 AM?

Ruby: I don’t know, but we can’t make this a regularly scheduled set of phone calls. I need my sleep.

Ginger: It’s only Memorial Day weekend. I’m sure we’ll sleep fine until I have another nightmare.

Ruby: Okay, but you have to answer. Why did you call your mother “Tim?”

Ginger: Um, cause my sister did?

Ruby: Huh. Well…then…no, it’s not worth it. Did you ever find out the answer to your stairs question?

Ginger: No. She was all annoyed that I woke up the baby.

Ruby: Your nephew?

Ginger: My brother-in-law.

Ruby: Oh.

Ginger: Please don’t tell him I said that.

Ruby: Okay. Have a good day… I gotta get going.

Ginger: Where are you going?

Ruby: I’m meeting up with some friends out in the ‘burbs and then we’re heading to a barbeque.

Ginger: Cool. Have fun. Talk to you later.

Ruby: Bye.

(hangs up)

…not much time passes…

(phone rings)

Ruby: Hey, Ginger.

Ginger: Cheese and bread.

Ruby: Thanks. I’ll do that tonight on my way home.

Ginger: Just didn’t want you to forget or anything.

Ruby: Thanks. Bye.

Ginger: Bye.

(hangs up)


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