Yay Newton!

Ruby: Hi, Ginger – wow, you look tired.

Ginger: I was up all night.

Ruby: Why?

Ginger: You know what really bothered me about that movie we watched last night?

Ruby: The idea that Vlad the Impaler contracted a blood disorder from cows?

Ginger: No…but that’s a good point.

Ruby: Was it the way Andre looked around corners in the graveyard?

Ginger: Um. No…but, again, good point.

Ruby: Was it the idea that vampires’ eyes glow blue, when in every other book or form of media suggests that vampires’ eyes glow red or gold?

Ginger: No, I took that as artistic license.

Ruby: Oh. Was it the concept that there is a giant underground collection in the New York Metropolitan Library, protected by three people and a flying Excalibur?

Ginger: No.

Ruby: The CGI?

Ginger: …no…

Ruby: Was it “Yay, Newton?”

Ginger: That made me laugh.

Ruby: It was his ice blue suit with the red bow tie?

Ginger: No, but that was laughable…

Ruby: Was it the fact that Flynn would do something and it would be fine until he’d make a face or tilt his head?

Ginger: You mean like in the two or five scenes?

Ruby: ‘Two or five’?

Ginger: Are you questioning my underestimated guess of the cheese factor or the phrase ‘two or five’?

Ruby: Well…um…both, when you put it like that.

Ginger: Don’t question me when I’m trying to focus.

Ruby: Oh. What then?

Ginger: When Simone started to dissolve in the sunlight, she was wearing the ring and clothes and shoes, but the only thing that was left behind was the ring. Were her clothes and shoes part of her vampire skin or just very sensitive to sunlight?

Ruby: Did that thought keep you up all night?

Ginger: Yeah. Most of the night.

Ruby: What kept you up the rest of the night?

Ginger: A lot of coffee.

Ruby: This is why I drank decaf.

Ginger: And I understand that, but I couldn’t stop myself from pouring another mug…and another…and another…

Ruby: Just…lay down on the couch. I’ll put something soothing and quiet on the TV.

Ginger: Thank you, Ruby. I think there’s a channel playing all of the Fast & Furious movies today in a marathon…

Ruby: You’re suggesting I’ll be able to lull you to sleep to the soothing sounds of street racing?

Ginger: Who said anything about sleeping? The whole series is going to play, one after the other! On TV! How can we pass that up?

Ruby: Wedding invitations need to be addressed.

Ginger: And I am here for you.

Ruby: …right.

Ginger: Say, do you have any coffee…?

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