Le Hall de La Folie

Ginger: Did you ever read a comic called “Asterix”?

Ruby: Can’t say that I have.

Ginger: It was this Viking – well, a French Viking…

Ruby: Vikings weren’t French.

Ginger: Whatever. Ancient Gaul guy with a helmet.

Ruby: This conversation can only get better.

Ginger: It’s a French comic from the 60’s, but it’s still going, I guess…

Ruby: Wait, why would I read this comic – no, better still: why were you reading French comics?

Ginger: I do like to expand my horizons, you know. Anyway, they made this movie once, based on the comic, about Asterix and his buddies Obelix and Getafix–

Ruby: You are making these names up, right?

Ginger: No. Asterix, Obelix and Getafix – who’s a druid, by the way – and a few more buddies from their village have to go out on this quest at one point and they end up at this place called “The Halls of Insanity.”

Ruby: Of course they do. Wait, I think you’ve told me about this before…

Ginger: I might have… The group goes into the Halls of Insanity and it’s a big office building. They need someone’s signature for whatever legal reason and they’re directed to the 7th floor, or whatever, to see someone in Office C.

Ruby: Yeah, and they get there, but they need, like, Form 12-D signed by someone in Office J on the 2nd floor, who needs something else from Office K on the 9th floor, and so on and so on, right?

Ginger: Yes. And then, in order to get back at them all, Asterix goes to Office C on the 7th floor and asks for the signature one more time and when the woman tells him to get Form 12-D signed, he says “Didn’t you get the memo?” And that sends her to Office J on the 2nd floor, which makes those two people go to Office K on the 9th floor and so on and so on until the insanity takes over the people who run the Halls and they sign the paper for Asterix and he and his buddies leave them to their insanity.

Ruby: I remember you telling me about that. What brought it up today?

Ginger: I sent a request to have a correction made and received a response saying I sent it to the wrong department. I sent it to the department I was told to send it to and received a response saying I had sent it to the wrong department again. And they said to send it to the department to whom I had originally sent it.

Ruby: Smaller Hall of Insanity?

Ginger: Pretty much.

Ruby: What are you going to do about it?

Ginger: I was thinking of a couple of possibilities…

Ruby: Do I need to organize bail money for any of them?

Ginger: 9 times outta 10.

Ruby: Those are the bad possibilities, Ginger. What’s number 10?

Ginger: Quit my job and move to Australia.

Ruby: How about an 11th option?

Ginger: What’s wrong with number 10?

Ruby: Nothing. Except that when you find a job in Australia and you get frustrated like this there, I will not fly 17 hours just to bail you out of jail.

Ginger: Oh. Why not?

Ruby: Personal reasons.

Ginger: Fine. So what’s your big idea for Option 11?

Ruby: You discuss the confusion with the two people you’ve corresponded with – as a reasonable adult.

Ginger: …have you met me? When am I reasonable?

Ruby: Put those acting classes from college to good use.

Ginger: Australia sounds easier.

Ruby: Maybe you can still do that if nothing is resolved with the discussion.

Ginger: Fine. Would you consider the 17-hour-flight to bail me out then?

Ruby: Only if you don’t purposely sabotage this discussion in an effort to move to Australia.

Ginger: What if I moved to London, instead?

Ruby: Ginger…


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