See the Fireworks? See Them? See Them Now?

Ginger: RED!

Ruby: Green!

Fly: Ooh…

Ginger: SPARKLY!!!!

Ruby: Yellow!

Fly: Aah…

Ginger: It looks just like when they blew up the Death Star, Ruby! Look!

Ruby: I see that, Ginger – look at that one!

Fly: Oh, wow…

Ginger: Happy Independence Day, Ruby!

Ruby: Happy Independence Day, Ginger!

Fly: I think it’s ironic that the two most co-dependant women I’ve ever known love to celebrate Independence Day outside, when every other day of the year, it’s impossible to drag you away from your computers and TV’s.

Ginger: Firecrackers, Fly! Firecrackers!!

Ruby: If she’s distracted by the bright, sparkly skies, she doesn’t notice the mosquitoes feasting on her.

Ginger: Sparklers, barbeques, a day and a half off work, people smiling, independence, the birth of a nation, inalienable rights and liberty and justice for all! What’s not to like? This is the day we celebrate when Ben Franklin smote the ground and out sprang George Washington – fully grown and on his horse. Franklin then electrified them with his miraculous lightning rod and the three of them – Franklin, Washington, and the horse – conducted the entire Revolutionary Army!

Ruby: Okay, her history might be off, but she knows the musicals about history rather well.

Fly: Schoolhouse Rock said that?

Ruby: 1776. It’s not Schoolhouse Rock. And the truth is in there, underneath the sarcastic monologues she keeps reciting randomly.

Fly: If you say so.

Ginger: Fly, can I paint your face?

Fly: No. Here’s a rock. You can paint that.

Ginger: Sweet!

Ruby: Yeah, you’re going to be a great dad someday…

Fly: Yeah…someday. For now, we’ll keep training with Ginger.

Ruby: Happy Independence Day, Fly.

Fly: Happy Independence Day, Ruby.

Ginger: Hey! When did these tiny vampires appear?!

Ruby: And she noticed the mosquitoes. Time to go.


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