Ruby: Ginger? It’s me, open up!

Ginger: Hang on…stupid lock. Here we are.

Ruby: Hi, there!

Ginger: Hi! Are you ready to meet Dawn?

Ruby: The friend from work you’ve been trying to introduce to our circle for six months now? Yes.

Ginger: She’s so fun and sweet and bright. I’m so glad we all get to watch this movie tonight. I ordered Chinese food and it should be here in a few minutes. C’mon into the kitchen, we’ll get you a drink.

Ruby: I was beginning to think Dawn didn’t really exist.

Ginger: I know, right? But she does! What are you drinking?

Ruby: Um, what are my choices?

Ginger: Since you still get to drive home tonight, tea, blue Kool-Aid, or water.

Ruby: Blue Kool-Aid? Seriously?

Ginger: Must we have the discussion about how blue makes everything better again?

Ruby: No. I’ll have some water. Thanks.

Ginger: Okay.

Ruby: So…Dawn?

Ginger: Oh, I’m sorry! Where are my manners? Dawn, meet Ruby. Ruby, this is Dawn.

Ruby: That’s your stove.

Ginger: I know.

Ruby: Where’s Dawn?

Ginger: You can’t see her? Dawn, I told you that amulet was a bad idea!

Ruby: Ginger…?

Ginger: She couldn’t make it tonight after all. Have some water.

Ruby: Couldn’t make it? What happened?

Ginger: So, there’s this boy and she really likes him and so when he called her last night and asked her out, she totally blanked on the movie night tonight and said yes.

Ruby: We lost to a boy?

Ginger: A boy she really likes who asked her out.

Ruby: Is that supposed to make it all better?

Ginger: She’s happy when she sees him. Downright giddy when he talks to her. How could I tell her she had to break that off so she could watch a chick flick with us?

Ruby: You tell me all the time to blow off spending time with my fiancé and come hang out with you.

Ginger: Yes. But I wouldn’t have when you two were first dating. And I don’t interrupt on your anniversaries. I do have some standards.

Ruby: So, if things work out with Dawn and the boy, at some point, you’ll start telling her to blow him off to hang out with us?

Ginger: Pretty much.

Ruby: Okay then.

Ginger: Ready for the movie?

Ruby: Is that really here, or is it, too, pulling a Snuffleupagus?

Ginger: It’s in the dvd player now.

Ruby: And the Chinese food?

Ginger: Totally ordering it now. Do you think they have blue rice?

Ruby: If they do, you’re not eating it.

Ginger: You take all the fun out of food.

Ruby: Fun…bacterial poisoning…call it what you like… So, remind me again, what is this chick flick we’re watching?

Ginger: It’s got everything a girl needs in a movie.

Ruby: A girl or you?

Ginger: I don’t think I understand your question…

Ruby: Are there any sappy moments in this movie?

Ginger: Ew. No.

Ruby: Explosions?

Ginger: Yeah…

Ruby: String violins in the soundtrack?

Ginger: Yuchy. No.

Ruby: Amazing hand-to-hand martial arts?

Ginger: Oh, yeah.

Ruby: Would your sister watch it?

Ginger: Um…

Ruby: Would your brothers?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: What’s the other movie you rented?

Ginger: Kissing, string violins, and my brothers wouldn’t touch it to burn it.

Ruby: We’re watching that.

Ginger: Man…

Ruby: I’ll get some blue food coloring and sprinkle it all over your rice…

Ginger: Now, we’re talking!


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