The ‘A’ is for Awesome!

Ruby: Are you…singing?

Ginger: Nope.

Ruby: Ya sure?

Ginger: Singing implies words are being used.

Ruby: You’re using words.

Ginger: No, I’m not.

Ruby: You’re saying ‘bum’ and ‘dumb’ a lot.

Ginger: It’s not a song about dumb bums. It’s an awe-inspiring, call-to-arms, theme of adventure and inexplicable odds wrapped in a nostalgic era of derring-do.

Ruby: Right.

Ginger: It is.

Ruby: Ginger, it’s the theme song to The A-Team.

Ginger: I’m preparing for the movie.

Ruby: You’re going to prepare for the next hour?

Ginger: It’s more like 50 minutes now. Doesn’t your GPS tell you the fastest way to get around all the traffic?

Ruby: Am I going to have to distract you until we get you home?

Ginger: I can’t believe you never saw the movie and it took you this long to tell me you’d never seen it.

Ruby: I can’t believe you didn’t already own the movie.

Ginger: I can’t believe it only came up because we were talking about my brother falling asleep in movie theatres!

Ruby: I can’t believe I agreed to drive you to the store to buy the DVD and then watch it with you over dinner tonight.

Ginger: I can’t believe I had to bribe you with dinner and gas money in order for you to agree!

Ruby: I can’t believe we’re still discussing this.

Ginger: UGH! Does this traffic never end?

Ruby: Have you seen the latest Supernatural?

Ginger: Are you trying to distract me for the next 49 minutes with drastic measures?

Ruby: Is it that obvious?

Ginger: There’s no Supernatural on during the summer, Ruby. It’s pretty obvious.

Ruby: The final season of Leverage is going to be released on DVD and you haven’t said a word about it to me.

Ginger: That is really drastic.

Ruby: I just want to get The A-Team theme song out of my head now.

Ginger: But admit it, the movie is kind of cool to think about, since you still haven’t seen it. No spoilers, or anything, but I mean, there were all the little in-jokes that they could have thrown in…like Billy! Remember Billy?

Ruby: Uh…not really…no…

Ginger: Billy! Murdock’s invisible dog! Remember how Murdock thought he got rabies from Billy? That was classic!

Ruby: If you say so.

Ginger: Or B.A.’s fear of flying! Or his obsession with only drinking milk! Remember when they hypnotized him instead of drugging his milk? Remember? To get him on the plane?

Ruby: Um…

Ginger: And remember Hannibal with his cigar, or when he’d have to dress up in the Aquamaniac costume?

Ruby: You know, you didn’t answer that question about Supernatural

Ginger: And Face…I wonder if they could ever do a sequel and get into his orphan history or if they’ll just have to leave that to the true fans like us. Just thinking about the movie makes me want to go back and watch the show again! What about you?

Ruby: Not really.

Ginger: Serious? Not even your favorite episode? What was your favorite episode?

Ruby: I…didn’t watch it.

Ginger: …you…didn’t watch your favorite episode?

Ruby: I didn’t watch The A-Team.

Ginger: Did you have a TV?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: Was it broken on A-Team nights?

Ruby: Not that I know of…

Ginger: You just didn’t watch it?

Ruby: I just didn’t watch it. I wasn’t really the demographic they were aiming at, Ginger.

Ginger: It’s…it’s like I don’t even know you.

Ruby: It’s not that bad.

Ginger: How can you say that? That show changed my life!

Ruby: I thought Firefly changed your life.

Ginger: My life is constantly in motion, Ruby, it’s not a stagnant pool of pond water.

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: And if I hadn’t watched The A-Team, I’m not sure that Firefly would have had the same effect on me! I mean…they’re about teams that work to help the little guy, sometimes get paid, sometimes get shot, but they always win and carry on to the next episode with their heads held high!

Ruby: Until the movie, where Book and Wash die.

Ginger: RUBY!

Ruby: Are there Reavers in The A-Team?

Ginger: Reavers? Reavers?! You’re asking about Reavers in The A-Team?!

Ruby: Doesn’t The A-Team fight space aliens?

Ginger: …it’s like I don’t even know you!

Ruby: All your other favorite obsession shows are sci-fi! How am I supposed to know this is the one exception to the rule?!


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