Like A Circle…

Ruby: I’m begging you, Ginger, please stop.

Ginger: Look, it’s not like this is any kind of fun for me.

Ruby: You’re talking about TV shows no one has seen in twenty years. Of course this is fun for you.

Ginger: If you had listened the first time, I wouldn’t have to go through all of this again.

Ruby: I did listen the first time. It just doesn’t interest me…

Ginger: How could it not interest you?! I’m proving that good taste hasn’t changed in decades!

Ruby: The Lone Ranger is not the original version of Michael Weston! The Maverick brothers are nothing like the Winchester brothers! And for the last time, not every science fiction show points to Firefly!

Ginger: But I have charts! Diagrams! Direct quotes! Entire plots!

Ruby: Ginger, every TV show since the dawn of commercial airlines has had an episode take place on a plane. That does not mean that every TV show points to Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Ginger: Of course not. That’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard all day.

Ruby: That’s what you sound like!

Ginger: No, because my statements are not based on silliness. They have grounds for – wait, even Seinfeld had an airplane episode…

Ruby: Ginger…no!

Ginger: But, look, Ruby, look! It doesn’t point to Orville and Wilbur – they were in the past – it just points out that even sitcoms direct the line of the audience’s attention to Firefly!!

Ruby: Well, at least you’re off the A-Team kick…

Ginger: Ruby, please. If you looked at page 58, you would see that there is an entire section on flying in episodes of The A-Team. Including a synopsis of episode 1.12, in which the majority of the action takes place on an airplane. I gave you a handout, where did you leave it?

Ruby: In the car. I’m not doing this in the restaurant. And you’re taking it home with you.

Ginger: But there were diagrams! Venn Diagrams!

Ruby: You spent an awful lot of time and effort on this, didn’t you?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: (sigh) There are really 58 pages?

Ginger: 215, actually. But the diagrams take up a significant portion of the presentation. And two of the last three pages are acknowledgements and copyright information. The last page is blank because I like numbers that are divisible by 5.

Ruby: I’m never leaving you alone in a Kinko’s again.

Ginger: Actually, I like numbers that are divisible by 5 and 3, but I only would have added 10 more pages if I had time to make a flip book of a penguin. And you showed up before I finished the first page.

Ruby: Maybe I’ll ask Kinko’s to put up a warning poster of you behind the desk – like a Do Not Serve book…

Ginger: Now, we’ll start with The Lone Ranger, Zorro and The Hero In You and I think we can get to Browncoats on Galactica before the waitress takes our order. Here, you can borrow my sister’s copy. I made it for her in honor of her daughter’s birthday.

Ruby: She’ll be…overwhelmed…

Ginger: I know, right? Wait…was that sarcasm?

Ruby: …no…


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