You Cannot Win Over EVERYONE, Ginger.

Ruby: Okay, I’m getting the popcorn, ready. Can you get the movie ready?

Fly: Sure…where’s the TV remote? …never mind, I found it.

Ruby: Did you find the DVD remote?

Fly: Yeah…wait a second…who is that actress?

Ruby: What?

Fly: I turned on the TV and this show was on and…I recognize that actress.

Ruby: Okay…

Fly: Who is it?

Ruby: I don’t know, but Ginger might. Too bad she’s not home; we could call her and ask her to turn on the channel.

Fly: Yeah, but how do we call her up and say “there’s this actress on this show and I think I’ve seen her in something else, but what is it? Oh, by the way, there’s a rabbit foot involved”?

Ruby: Um…I think I know how. Hang on.

(dials phone)

Ginger: What’s up?

Ruby: You’re on speaker. Fly thinks he recognizes an actress. She was wearing a wig and took it off in a parking lot. …and the tall guy just lost a shoe.

Ginger: Is everyone watching Supernatural right now?

Ruby: What?

Ginger: My brother’s on the other line. Hang on.

Ruby: Ginger? Ginger?

Fly: What?

Ruby: She put me on hold.

Fly: Why would you think she would know who it is off of what you gave her?

Ginger: Okay, I’m back. The character is Bela, the episode is “Bad Day At Black Rock,” third season, third episode. This is Bela’s first appearance. She’s a thief, but not nearly as cool as Parker. Actress’s name is Lauren Cohan and she’s really and truly American, but she grew up in the UK. I have to get back to my brother now. Hang on.

Fly: Wow.

Ruby: That’s why I think she would know who it is based solely off what I gave her.

Fly: That’s…that is Ginger’s super-power, isn’t it?

Ruby: She’d probably tell you it’s a gift and a curse.

Ginger: Okay, I’m back. Lauren’s first full movie was called Casanova, but I don’t think Fly has seen that, have you?

Fly: What? Um, no. Not that I recall…are you on a website or something?

Ginger: No. I’m on a nature walk with Elle. She’s taking pictures of…nature? I guess? There are trees. Maybe she’s photographing birds. Anyway, Lauren was next in—

Ruby: Skip to the movies Fly would have watched.

Ginger: In chronological order – Supernatural, Life, Cold Case, Modern Family, Chuck, The Walking Dead –

Fly: Wait, she was on Chuck?

Ginger: Hang on, I have to get back to my brother.

Ruby: See? Her brain just compiles this sort of trivia.

Fly: That IS where I’ve seen her! She was on Chuck!

Ginger: …and despite everything that you’ve pointed out, I’m still going to continue to watch it, because yes, I know it’s a silly show and yes, I know the writing is silly, and yes, I know there are better shows out there, but…it’s just…Dean.

Ruby: …Ginger?

Ginger: …you’re not my brother.

Fly: No, we’re not. But thanks for letting us know about Lauren…

Ginger: That means he just hung up while I ranted about Supernatural.

Ruby: Can you blame him?

Ginger: Look, he called me to tell me he tried to watch the show but just couldn’t take it. It’s his own fault if I went off on tangents.

Fly: Your logic is remarkably dizzying.

Ruby: She hasn’t even begun to logic her way through that.

Ginger: Uh-oh. Elle just realized I’m not dawdling to take pictures of flowers. I…gotta go.

Fly: Okay. So. She’s a walking, talking IMDb.

Ruby: NOW do you believe me?

Fly: I’m a lot closer to believing you. Until I see her standing in front of me, no computer or phone in her hands and still able to do that, I withhold a final statement.

Ruby: What? But she just—

Fly: Her brother could have been feeding her information.

Ruby: I…but…she… Fine. Let’s just watch the movie.


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