Life Is Messy…

Ruby: Hey, Ginger…what are you doing?

Ginger: I got bored while watching TV, so I picked up a new habit.

Ruby: Did it have to be a habit with sharp, pointy things?

Ginger: Apparently.

Ruby: What were you watching when you decided to start doing this?

Ginger: Some movie about entering other people’s dreams and messing around in them.

Ruby: Inception made you think to do this?

Ginger: Dreamscape. Made at least one decade before Inception. Possibly two.

Ruby: Did you go out and buy these things because of the dream movie?

Ginger: I had them already.

Ruby: You’ve had sharp and pointy stabbing implements of doom at your disposal all this time?

Ginger: Apparently. Don’t you feel safe?

Ruby: Not so much. So…what are you making?

Ginger: A mess.

Ruby: No, really, what is it?

Ginger: A waste of time.

Ruby: It’s not that bad…

Ginger: Then what is it?

Ruby: It’s clearly a…new philosophy on life.

Ginger: That’s helpful.

Ruby: Well, you’re not done yet, so we can’t claim it as one thing or another…you’re not done yet, right?

Ginger: Sure. I’ll keep going until it gets boring.

Ruby: Okay…so…next week, we can decide what it is then.

Ginger: Ha, ha, Ruby. Very funny.

Ruby: Seriously, you had everything you needed here this whole time?

Ginger: Yup.

Ruby: The yarn and everything?

Ginger: Weird, right?

Ruby: Yeah. Why did you have all this?

Ginger: My mom tried teaching me how to crochet years ago but it never took.

Ruby: I can see why.

Ginger: Really?

Ruby: Yes. A crochet hook isn’t nearly as dangerous as those knitting needles you’re using.

Ginger: Plus these are blue. The hook was silver.

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: Seriously, Rubes, how long have you known me? Blue makes everything better.

Ruby: Even knitting needles, apparently.

Ginger: I see what you mean about the new philosophy on life, though.

Ruby: Really? And what does it say to you?

Ginger: Life is messy; so is my knitting.

Ruby: That’s what I was getting.

Ginger: Really? Do you know what this means?

Ruby: Um…no?

Ginger: It means my knitting is PSYCHIC!

Ruby: Apparently.

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