Silent Lecture

Ginger: Here.

Ruby: What is this?

Ginger: No one came to my lecture, so you get the benefit of everyone else’s reluctance. Have a handout!

Ruby: “A Discussion of Moving Pictures and How Talkies Ruined a Generation of Hard Workers.” Seriously?

Ginger: I feel very strongly about the disintegration of the silent movie era and how it really did ruin lives when Hollywood switched over to talkies.

Ruby: Seriously?

Ginger: People who had never ever intended to be famous or on stage were overnight sensations – they brought classics to life, they entertained, they enraptured, they captured hearts…and then because sound was suddenly available, the lispers and the accented and the stutterers were shunned and humiliated.

Ruby: Seriously?

Ginger: Open the packet.

Ruby: Do I have to? I already sat through your Everything Leads to Firefly presentation

Ginger: Open. The. Packet.

Ruby: Ginger, please…?

Ginger: Just open the packet.

Ruby: Can I have a coffee before you begin?


Ruby: Fine…I…Ginger, this…is this a coloring book?

Ginger: I didn’t really want to talk, but I was required to lead a lecture, so I thought I’d prepare some words in case one of the higher-ups came into the room.

Ruby: It’s a coloring book…of silent movie stars…and a box of 8 crayons.

Ginger: Yeah. People can learn while they’re coloring.

Ruby: It’s a coloring book…

Ginger: And I named the lecture something that would only really lure people who weren’t interested in economics, ergonomics, dynamics, dynamotronics…

Ruby: Not actually a word.

Ginger: And other various office-y things.

Ruby: Why did you have to lead a lecture?

Ginger: Oh, everyone is supposed to do some lecture in order to help make everyone more aware of everyone else’s workload and what it takes to be a giant hive mind.

Ruby: And you decided that talking about being an office lackey wasn’t going to be interesting?

Ginger: I purposely took a slot that was at the same time as two other really boring lectures, made mine an “Attendance In Person Only” lecture and gave it the title on a whim.

Ruby: And it worked too well?

Ginger: Aren’t you coloring yet?

Ruby: Way ahead of you…Rudolph Valentino had blue hair, right?

Ginger: Punk Rudolph Valentino did. I think he was in that famous silent movie The Skateboarding Sheik.

Ruby: You know way too much about this stuff.

Ginger: Thank you. I try.


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