The Effects of Venom On Ginger

Ginger: RubyRubyRubyRuby!

Ruby: …oh, no…who gave you caffeine?

Ginger: Icangetthroughthe”ToBeOrNotToBe”soliloquyin42seconds!

Ruby: And how much caffeine did you need to do that?

Ginger: IonlyhadhalfacanofVenom! FruitpunchDeathAdder!

Ruby: Did you expect to repeat these results? Without inducing a heart attack?

Ginger: AreyousuggestingtheonlyreasonIcandoitin42secondsis–oh! Shiny!

Ruby: Yes, my car keys are quite shiny…tell me, Ginger, does the “To Be or Not To Be” soliloquy feel boring about 15 seconds into the speed read?

Ginger: Ohmygoodnessyes! Butitneverhasbefore! Isn’tthatweird?!

Ruby: If I jingle my keys in sunlight again, you’re going to forget this entire conversation, aren’t you?

Ginger: Don’tbesillyIcantotallyfocusonthe–oh! Shiny!

Ruby: What were we talking about?

Ginger: Firefly?! Castle?! FireflyreferencesinCastle?!

Ruby: I almost feel guilty…almost…

Ginger: WasitDoctorHorrible?!

Ruby: Yes. We were talking about Dr. Horrible. You were showing off again.

Ginger: “Thisappearedasamoraldilemma, causeatfirst, itwasweirdthoughIsworetoeliminatetheworstoftheplaguethatdevouredhumanity, it’strueIwasvagueonthehow, sohowcanitbethatyou have shown me the light?”

Ruby: Yes. Just like that.

Ginger: OhdidItellyou?! IgotthroughtheShakespearesoliloquyin42seconds!

Ruby: That’s great, Ginger. Did you want to go for a run around the parking lot or something?

Ginger: Notreallythatsoundslikeexercise.

Ruby: I’ll…um…race you to the elevator? First one there gets to choose the movie tonight!

Ginger: That’sagreatidea! Readysetgo! I’mwinning,Ruby,I’mwinning! Seemewinning?!

Ruby: No, come back and show me again…

Ginger: Okay! HereIcome,Ruby,watchmenow,watch!! Watch!!!

Ruby: I should really feel guilty right about now……..just can’t…….

Ginger: Areyouwatchingme?!?!

Ruby: Uh-huh…I’m watching…

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