Costume Plans Take Time

Ginger: (from outside the door) Trick-or-treat-to-be!

Ruby: (opening the door) You know it doesn’t work like that, right?

Ginger: Are you saying you have no treats-to-be?

Ruby: Come back in a few weeks…in costume…and we’ll talk.

Ginger: That’s a trick, right? I was hoping for a treat…

Ruby: I can give you part of an apple…?

Ginger: Only part? What did you do to the other part?

Ruby: I was cutting it up to make apple pie.

Ginger: You only use one apple to make apple pie? To whom are you serving it? Imps? Pixies? Very small trick-or-treaters?

Ruby: It was one of many apples…

Ginger: Oh, well, that’s much better.

Ruby: Yeah. So, is your office doing anything for Halloween?

Ginger: Yup. They’re all leaving me alone in the office. I think they’re scared of me or something.

Ruby: It has nothing to do with the fact that most of them have little children who are still young enough to trick-or-treat and the rest have to burn up their vacation days, right?

Ginger: Right.

Ruby: So you’re dressing up for the empty office?

Ginger: No one will be there to stop me.

Ruby: Wait…EVERYONE in the office will be out? I thought you just meant the other people in your team…not the WHOLE OFFICE…

Ginger: Security and me. That’s it.

Ruby: Whoa…wait, security will be checking in on you, right?

Ginger: I told them they can announce their arrival by singing Halloween songs and shouting “Trick-or-Treat” when they get to my cube.

Ruby: Halloween songs?

Ginger: Just because you don’t understand the language doesn’t mean zombies don’t have carols of their own.

Ruby: Ah. So what are you dressing as?

Ginger: A corporate slave.

Ruby: A corporate…you’re going to wear a Chanel suit, pearls and heels that don’t qualify as boots, aren’t you?

Ginger: Oh. Is that what a corporate slave wears?

Ruby: What did you have planned…?

Ginger: Princess Leia from “Return of the Jedi” and a necktie. And square-ish glasses.

Ruby: Please tell me you’re kidding.

Ginger: No one is there to stop me. What do you really think?

Ruby: I don’t want to see pictures.

Ginger: Not even tasteful ones?

Ruby: Define your version of “tasteful”.

Ginger: Well-placed laptops and soft lighting. No fur.

Ruby: I wish I knew you were kidding…

Ginger: I could stop by after work…besides, I’ll need to return your Chanel suit.

Ruby: You’re…you never planned to actually wear the Princess Leia outfit at all, did you?

Ginger: Puh-leez. Halloween in Chicago leaves absolutely no room for the Princess Leia costume. Well, not that Princess Leia costume. Maybe the outfit she wore on Hoth…

Ruby: You know I don’t own a Chanel suit, right?

Ginger: Yeah, but you have more dress suits than I do…

Ruby: True…I do have more than one…

Ginger: Yeah. That’s just sick, I tell you.

Ruby: Says the woman who thought up that whole Princess Leia-costume story just to make me freak.

Ginger: What can I say? It was too good to pass up…


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