Fly Is Pretty Smart

Ruby: I can’t believe you can do that.

Fly: What?

Ruby: You’re eating lasagna.

Fly: …and?

Ruby: And the movie…

Fly: I know. That’s not the right stitching for a stomach surgery.

Ruby: Yeah. You know there’s something wrong with you, right?

Fly: …what?

Ginger: Ruby! Ruby, I’m so glad you’re home! I thought I missed you!

Fly: Hi, Ginger, it’s nice to see you, too.

Ginger: ‘Sup.

Ruby: Ginger, for once, I’m really glad you interrupted.

Ginger: ‘For once’? Really? I’m insult—ooh, I love this movie! Did you get to the part where the guy goes into the field filled with landmines and –

Fly: No, not yet – no spoilers!

Ginger: What are you eating?

Fly: Lasagna – there’s more on the stove.

Ginger: Yum!

Ruby: Ugh…

Ginger: What’s wrong with her?

Fly: No clue.

Ruby: Ginger, please tell me why you barged in here in a hurry.

Ginger: Are you asking for me to tell you in a hurry or why I hurried as I came in?

Ruby: Honestly, a little of both right now.

Ginger: I heard these kids on the bus trying to outdo one another with this game and I thought it was perfect for us to play!

Ruby: What game?

Ginger: We have to go through the entire alphabet first saying only adjectives, then nouns, then verbs. Fun, right?

Fly: You two have a weird definition of fun.

Ruby: That’s not a game one plays while sober, Ginger.

Ginger: No, it is! They were going over the rules as I was getting off the bus and they were getting on the bus.

Fly: And I can’t hear any of the movie now.

Ruby: That’s not a bad thing. I might actually get to eat dinner if you turn it off.

Ginger: Do you want to play the game or not?

Fly: Awesome, Bodacious, Calm, Dry, Eager, Fast, Great, Happy, Ignorant, Joyful, Kitschy, Loud, Magnanimous, Natural, Oblong, Plain, Quick, Rapid, Slow, Thick, Unusual, Vapid, White, X-rated, Yellow and Zealous.

Ruby: …overachiever…

Fly: Can I watch the rest of the movie now, or should I go on to nouns and verbs?

Ruby: You made up that game on your way up here in the elevator, didn’t you?

Ginger: I had to come up with something to do tonight. But I did hear two people discussing it on the bus today. Only, they made it sound like it was a homework assignment…which is weird…cause it sounds like a fun game…

Ruby: Yeah, Fly’s right – you have a weird definition of ‘fun.’

Fly: Is there more lasagna?

Ruby: …ugh…

Ginger: …so, Bananagrams, Ruby?

Ruby: Can I face away from the TV?

Ginger: Sure, but I don’t know why…that guy’s just about to get his heart ripped out by the rabid werewolf.


Ginger: You ruined my game, Fly. Face the consequences.


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