Knock, knock.

Ginger: Knock, knock!

Ruby: I thought you were incapable of telling a knock-knock joke.

Ginger: That’s not entirely true.

Ruby: You get too distracted to finish the right punchline.

Ginger: No. Not all the time.

Ruby: Okay, fine. Who’s there?

Ginger: Impatient cow.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: C’mon! Say it!

Ruby: Impatient cow—

Ginger: Hey, is that from Alaska?

Ruby: Right.

Ginger: It’s pretty.

Ruby: Thanks.

Ginger: Did I tell you I started another vampire TV show?

Ruby: I figured you would eventually.

Ginger: Wait…that wasn’t what we were talking about…

Ruby: You were trying to tell me a knock-knock joke.

Ginger: Oh, yeah! Moo!

Ruby: Yeah.

Ginger: No, I can do it! Let me try again!

Ruby: Okay.

Ginger: Knock, knock!

Ruby: Who’s there?

Ginger: Attention Deficit Child.

Ruby: Attention Deficit Child who?

Ginger: Wanna go ride—wait, no I got it wrong. Hang on.

Ruby: That’s awesome.

Ginger: No, I can do it!

Ruby: Sure you can.

Ginger: Knock, knock!

Ruby: Who’s there?

Ginger: I…hang on, I forgot where I was going with this…

Ruby: Ginger, it’s okay.

Ginger: No, everyone can tell a knock-knock joke!

Ruby: Ginger…I hate to assist your delusions…

Ginger: I doubt it, you contribute to them pretty regularly…

Ruby: Whatever. Look, every superhero has a weakness, right?

Ginger: Sure.

Ruby: Yours is—

Ginger: My fear of ladybugs?

Ruby: …or…?

Ginger: Oh! The inability to tell a knock-knock joke?

Ruby: …yeah, sure.

Ginger: Weren’t you going to say that?

Ruby: Oh, look – a chicken!

Ginger: Where?

Ruby: Oh, you missed it.

Ginger: You’d think that’s pretty hard to do, since you live 19 floors up…

Ruby: Yeah. Weird.


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