Lee: Ruby, I really appreciate all the help you were with Blake being out of the office this week.

Ruby: Oh, yeah, not a problem.

Lee: I was thinking that as a thank you, I’d give you a lunch on the company.

Ruby: Lee, you don’t have to—

Lee: I’m glad you think so. Because I’d like you to take Ginger to lunch as well. Here’s the coupons.

Ruby: …Ginger?

Lee: Yeah, she’s been a big help lately, too, over in finance.

Ruby: Ginger…helped in finance?

Lee: Well, sure. She’s one of those FCAS people.

Ruby: Focused Character Against Stupidity?

Lee: Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society. But I think she’d appreciate your version.

Ruby: Ginger…Blaze?

Lee: Yep, Ginger Blaise. Newest addition to the team. Coming over right now.

Other Ginger: Hi, Lee.

Lee: Ginger, I don’t think you’ve met Ruby.

Other Ginger: Ruby?

Ruby: Hi. Yes, I’m Ruby. Nice to meet you.

Lee: I’ll leave you two to your free lunch. Enjoy!

Other Ginger: Wow, this is crazy. I have this friend named Ruby and she’s never gonna believe this.

Ruby: My friend Ginger is going to have a hard time with this, too.

Other Ginger: Ohmygoodness! You have a friend named Ginger? That’s crazy!

Ruby: She would never believe someone named “Ginger Blaise” likes numbers, though.

Other Ginger: Why, what does she do?

Ruby: She’s…well, she lives for grammar and spelling, mostly.

Other Ginger: Well, at least someone out there does.

Ruby: I just had a great idea…here. Speed dial four, and…it’s ringing. And…speaker-phone.

Ginger: Hey, Rubes, this is…awkward…timing.

Other Ginger: Ginger?

Ginger: Yes…who’s this and why are you calling from Ruby’s phone?

Other Ginger: Hi, Ginger, this is Ginger. Ginger Blaise.

Ginger: You’re me from the future?!

Other Ginger: Um…yes. Don’t drink the coffee they offer you.

Ginger: Wait…what if I already did?

Other Ginger: It’s for you, Ruby.

Ruby: Ginger? That’s my co-worker, Ginger Blaise.

Ginger: Why are you spelling it funny?

Ruby: I warned you. Lives for spelling and grammar.

Ginger: Who are you warning? Future me? She already knows! Now, what if I already drank the coffee?

Ruby: It’s not Future Ginger, Ginge, it’s…this is my co-worker, Ginger Blaise. She’s in finance.

Ginger: What? No! I already drank the coffee! Is there an antidote? Tell me, Future Ginger!

Other Ginger: This is kinda fun.

Ginger: Hey! Wait…hang on a minute. There. Now you’re on speaker-phone too!

Ruby: Okay…Ginger, you do know that putting us on speaker-phone doesn’t make the mind games less fun on our side, right?

Other Ruby: Oh, I don’t know…it’s a little more fun here.

Other Ginger: Ruby?

Other Ruby: Hiya, Gingie!

Ruby: Ginger…you have another Ruby in your office?

Ginger: No, it’s Ruby from the future!

Other Ruby: No, I work in the art store where Ginger eats lunch.

Other Ginger: THAT’S the Ginger you talk about?

Ruby: Ginger, why are you eating lunch in an art store?

Ginger: No one specified employees of which company could eat in the break room. And besides, they have lots of paper in this break room.

Other Ginger: Ruby?

Ruby: Yes?

Other Ruby: Yes?

Ginger: That’s confusing.

Other Ginger: MY Ruby…

Ginger: You can’t claim her! I’ve been eating in here for over three months!

Ruby: Think about what you need to achieve…

Other Ginger: What? Oh. Right. Um…Future Ruby…?

Other Ruby: Yes…Future Ginger?

Ruby: I should have seen something like this coming.

Ginger: Duh.

Other Ginger: Don’t let that Ginger drink anymore coffee.

Ruby: Thank you.

Ginger: I don’t like Future Me…

Ruby: We’re gonna get going now…

Other Ruby: Sounds fair. See you later, Ginger.

Ginger: You’re kicking me out??

Other Ruby: I’ll explain it to her. Bye!

Other Ginger: Bye!

Ruby: Wow. The world is smaller than I thought.

Other Ginger: Tell me about it. I’m glad we called, though, I forgot about tonight.

Ruby: What’s going on?

Other Ginger: We’re going to watch some TV show she’s crazy about over at her place.

Ruby: Really? What show?

Other Ginger: It’s been off the air for a while. Prematurely cancelled, she says. She has the dvds, she knows nearly every episode by heart, she quotes it practically in her sleep and she’s all excited about the movie that’s based on it.

Ruby: Firefly? No wonder she and Ginger get along so well.

Other Ginger: Firefly? What’s that? I’m talking about Veronica Mars.

Ruby: That figures.

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