Inigo, the Christmas Spider

Ruby: I like your Christmas decorations, Ginger.

Ginger: Thanks! It took me all week to get them right…

Ruby: Um. Okay. Are you still working on them?

Ginger: No…why?

Ruby: Why is your toy spider coming out of that stocking?

Ginger: That’s Inigo, the Christmas Spider.

Ruby: Does he deliver gifts or is he more of a Grinch?

Ginger: He seeks out the six-fingered elves who killed Santa’s father.

Ruby: Santa’s…father?

Ginger: He was a master sword maker. It was a real tragedy.

Ruby: Wait, there’s more than one such evil elf?!

Ginger: Well, there’s at least two. Elves are short.

Ruby: …huh.

Ginger: Well, Santa’s a big guy. He got that from his father. The elves clearly sat on other elves’ shoulders and wore a long coat when they ordered the sword…

Ruby: Clearly.

Ginger: But when they came back and didn’t want to pay for the sword, and Papa Claus wouldn’t hand over the sword for free, they ganged up on the old man.

Ruby: Right…

Ginger: Poor guy never had a chance…

Ruby: Wait, do these elves have a total of six fingers or six fingers on just one hand each?

Ginger: Ruby, please. What kind of elves are you hanging out with?

Ruby: The ones that do the dangerous construction in the Workshop.

Ginger: Those are the dangerous elves, Ruby. Only dangerous elves work in the dangerous toy construction.

Ruby: I’d say the elves that killed Santa’s dad are pretty dangerous!

Ginger: Which is why you should stop hanging out with them!!

Ruby: Well, once Inigo gets around to his task, I won’t have to!!

Ginger: …good point.

Ruby: Seriously, your Christmas decorations don’t need a spider.

Ginger: You’ve really never heard of the Christmas Spider?

Ruby: Wow. I should have known you’d know of any arachnid-related traditions.

Ginger: Inigo gets bored just sitting on the couch…

Ruby: Halloween wasn’t enough for him?

Ginger: No. He needs to keep busy. I’m thinking of getting him a small pot of gold so he can be the eight-legged leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Ruby: Yeah…that makes sense.

Ginger: Really?

Ruby: No.


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