A.D.D. is – wanna play tag?!

Ginger: Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

Ruby: Ginger, Ginger… Your name is just not as easy to repeat quickly.

Ginger: I know, right? It’s all the soft ‘g’ sounds.

Ruby: Yeah. What’s up?

Ginger: …I knew I was going to forget it.

Ruby: That quickly? Really?

Ginger: It was really complicated and there were big words involved…

Ruby: Did you write it down?

Ginger: Yeah, but then I washed my hands. I got distracted…

Ruby: Y’know, normal people use paper and pens.

Ginger: Do I look normal to you?

Ruby: Hardly ever. What can I do to help jog your memory?

Ginger: I don’t know…

Ruby: Well, let’s try going through your day. You woke up this morning…and…?

Ginger: I hit snooze.

Ruby: Okay, we’re going to skip forward a smidge. You got up, did the bathroom thing, found yourself in your kitchen and…?

Ginger: I wondered how I got there, since I started keeping the coffee maker in my bedroom. It’s nice to wake up to a warm cuppa joe in bed.

Ruby: When did you do that?

Ginger: A few weeks ago. I keep it on the floor on the side of bed I don’t use as much, since I don’t want to know what it’s like to wake up to a warm cuppa joe on my foot.

Ruby: Okay, so, glossing over that. What did you have for breakfast?

Ginger: A brownie.

Ruby: Your life is so hard.

Ginger: It’s better than eating the brownie before bed and letting all those calories throw a soiree in my tummy all night. Eating a brownie for breakfast is better because I am then active and burn off all those calories.

Ruby: Fine. Whatever. You got dressed. You left for work.

Ginger: Did you have a camera in my apartment this morning?
Ruby: I’m trying to help you remember something you wanted to tell me.

Ginger: What if it was from something late last night, something that occurred to me after it was okay to call you?

Ruby: You called me at 3:25 a.m. last week to ask if skunks are bothered by other skunks’ spray.

Ginger: I…see your point, but now I’m going to turn it around on you and say that if you had answered that question and not, instead, made it all about you and implemented a new rule about not calling after the ten o’clock news has ended, that we wouldn’t be having this little mental exercise. OH!

Ruby: You remembered?

Ginger: Yeah – they said on the news that the elasticity of the human brain allows us to learn and maintain new skills, but as we get older, the elasticity factor drops off unless we continually learn new things. It’s suggested that we take up a new language or hobby – like playing an instrument – every year, or if that sounds too complicated, we can review things we think we forgot – like algebra or chemistry – and that will help our brains fight diseases like Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. But, of course, this is all theory that remains to be proven to a standard that other experts will accept and implement. See? ‘Implement’ helped me remember. How were you going to get me to say ‘implement’ by making me go through the nutritional value of a brownie for breakfast? Sheesh, Ruby.

Ruby: …how is it you’re capable of remembering all that verbatim, but you can’t give street directions to your apartment without Google Maps?

Ginger: Do you think I should take up trumpet or Japanese first?

Ruby: So, why did you need to tell me about the elasticity of our brains?

Ginger: The reporter’s haircut was really cute and I wanted to know if you watched it so you could tell me if you think I’d look good with that hairstyle.

Ruby: For someone without ADD, it is amazing that I don’t go crazy trying to follow you.

Ginger: I get that a lot.

Ruby: I know, Ginger. I know.


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