Christmas Movie Traditions

Ruby: Hi, Elle!

Elle: Hi, Ruby! Are you prepared for this?

Ruby: We’re just watching the first one, right? Sometimes, Ginger will try to sneak the next one into the DVD player and then hit play and then it’s so hard to leave.

Elle: I have hidden her copy of all movies that follow the original. And her copy of White House Down. Just in case.

Ginger: Rubes! You’re here! You can take your shoes and socks off and make fists with your toes in the living room.

Elle: I already did it.

Ruby: But I didn’t fly here.

Elle: Neither did I. She just insisted I do it.

Ginger: Whenever you’re ready, Ruby. We’re waiting.

Ruby: Seriously, I’m not going to live the movie. I’ll watch it. Like a normal person.

Elle: A normal person watches Die Hard every Christmas?

Ginger: It’s the best Christmas movie, Elle. It is.

Ruby: She’s been telling me this for ages. It’s best to just go along with her.

Elle: Oh, I know. I just find it more amusing to point out that most Christmas movies don’t involve massive explosions.

Ginger: She lies. Don’t listen to her. Ebenezer Scrooge blew up the Bedford Falls Savings & Loans building after Virginia writes a letter to the newspaper asking about Santa Claus at the Island of Misfit Toys.

Ruby: Seriously, don’t provoke her. It just gets worse.

Ginger: I’m still trying to figure out how to involve more Christmas movies in that example.

Ruby: You got plenty in there already. You don’t have to add more. At all.

Elle: Agreed.

Ginger: Okay. Let’s start the movie!

Ruby: Hang on, I’m still making fists with my toes.

Elle: I thought you said you didn’t need to live the movie.

Ginger: Admit it, Rubes. Go ahead and admit it.

Ruby:…it’s more fun when you play along with the movie.

Ginger: Yippee.

Elle: Ki.

Ruby: Yay!

Ginger: …hey, where are the sequels?!


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