I Was Totally Paying Attention!

Ruby: Ginger. Ginger. Ginger. GINGER.

Ginger: I was paying attention!

Ruby: …to?

Ginger: …to what you were saying.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: Absolutely.

Ruby: Okay. Prove it.

Ginger: You told me about how…much…your car costs.

Ruby: Nope.

Ginger: See? You paid attention really well!

Ruby: This is about how much attention you paid to what I said.

Ginger: You told me about the history of a soup company.

Ruby: Okay, A) that was a commercial and B) Chef Boyardee is not technically a soup company.

Ginger: Ravioli isn’t a soup?

Ruby: It’s a pasta dish.

Ginger: But there’s red sauce involved.

Ruby: That does not mean it’s soup.

Ginger: But it’s soup-ish.

Ruby: There’s more pasta than sauce. It’s not soup.

Ginger: Clarification questions.

Ruby: Why not?

Ginger: Are noodles pasta?

Ruby: …yes…?

Ginger: Are there noodles in chicken noodle soup?

Ruby: …yes.

Ginger: Is chicken noodle soup a soup?

Ruby: No matter how many times you try to redefine the question, you’re not going to convince me that ravioli is a soup.

Ginger: I’m not trying to redefine the question; I’m trying to redefine the definition of soup.

Ruby: Ravioli is still not soup.

Ginger: Says you.

Ruby: And everyone else in the known world.

Ginger: It comes in a can!

Ruby: So?

Ginger: Soup comes in a can!

Ruby: …I have met your mother, sister and brothers. I know for a fact that you know better.

Ginger: Okay, so, my brother does make soup that I understand is fantastic. But when I’m not in my parents’ house, soup comes from a can.

Ruby: Because you don’t cook.

Ginger: Because I don’t cook.

Ruby: Ravioli is still not soup.

Ginger: But I don’t like soup. And I don’t like ravioli.

Ruby: That still doesn’t make it soup.

Ginger: I have to say you’re crazy and if you won’t admit that ravioli is a soup, I will leave right now.

Ruby: It’s not a soup!

Ginger: I have presented all the evidence that says otherwise!

Ruby: You have presented nothing but twisted logic and fallacies!

Ginger: I don’t have to take this! I’m going home!

Ruby: Ginger, you don’t have to go – you just have to admit that ravioli is not soup!

Ginger: It is soup! I’m leaving!

Ruby: Ginger – that’s…that’s…that is…wow.

(picks up phone, dials)

Ginger: This is Ginger!

Ruby: You seriously got away with changing the subject.

Ginger: I know, right?

Ruby: You really weren’t paying attention to me.

Ginger: Actually, I realized as soon as I got to the elevator that your problem could be resolved if you kept a separate log of the incoming bugs and delegate them out and that way, you’d probably have less error reports.

Ruby: That’s a good point.

Ginger: Thanks.

Ruby: That’s not what I was talking about, though.

Ginger: …ravioli is soup!!

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