Ginger: Hey, Ruby, how do you know if your manager doesn’t like you anymore?

Ruby: Ginger, did you correct his grammar again without adding a smiley face at the end? You know you’ve been warned about that…

Ginger: I told my manager I was going to London –

Ruby: I saw your text. Fourteen smiley faces. Nice.

Ginger: Thanks, and I made a comment about not to worry because it’s a round-trip ticket, so he’d see me again. And then he said if I could pull it off, staying might be a better option for me.

Ruby: Wait, what?

Ginger: Admittedly, we were also talking politics.

Ruby: Okay, but…

Ginger: And I did mention the Jason Bourne movies…

Ruby: Hold on, Ginger, wait a second…

Ginger: I mean, I could totally be like Jason Bourne. Only without amnesia. Or the training. Or the government out to get me.

Ruby: Ginger, you–wait, I thought you lived your life assuming the government IS out to get you.

Ginger: Yes, but that’s my paranoid assumption. Not a proven fact. According to you and my mother.

Ruby: Back to the issue at hand, you two were just kidding and he suggested not coming back. Was he smiling when he said it?

Ginger: I think he’s been sent by the government – they ARE trying to get rid of me!

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: It makes perfect sense, really. I mean, sure he’s all “oh, yeah, take your vacation, it’s totally fine, sure you want to come back, ha, ha? Politically-speaking, our business prospects seem to be flickering like a dying light bulb, so if you can get gainful employment by getting amnesia in a foreign country and all, go for it,” but what he’s REALLY saying is “We know who you are and it’s been decided that you know too much so we need to block you from coming back here, but it’ll work better if you THINK you don’t want to or need to come back here…”

Ruby: That’s what he’s really saying?

Ginger: Oh, yeah. I’m sure of it.

Ruby: I’m glad you don’t let reality into your delusional subtext. It makes excellent fiction.

Ginger: I know, right? If I threw some steamy sex scenes in there, I’d have a perfect grocery store romance novel!

Ruby: At least you see it, too.

Ginger: I even have the perfect nom de plume! Amber Blaze.

Ruby: You have so many issues, it’s like they surround you in a fog…

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