It Was Super

Ruby: Ginger?

Ginger: Hang on.

Ruby: It’s a commercial.

Ginger: Yes. It’s a Super Bowl commercial. So hang on.

Ruby: I still can’t believe you actually watch commercials every Super Bowl.

Ginger: I like seeing when people actually make an effort in their attempts to get me to buy things.

Ruby: So…you’re going to buy a Smart Car?

Ginger: I was thinking of buying a Doberhuahua.

Ruby: Because it looks like the dog from The Mask?

Ginger: Also, because apparently they start the End of Days.

Ruby: Yeah, you’re not weird. You know the commercial isn’t actually for the dog, right?

Ginger: …what? Then that’s silly.

Ruby: Were you seriously considering getting one?

Ginger: It depended on what it ate.

Ruby: It looks like it ate Sarah McLachlan’s guitar.

Ginger: I’m plumb-out of that, I guess. On to the next pet.

Ruby: An electronic butterfly?

Ginger: Tap on the jar and it flits about!

Ruby: You have one.

Ginger: True. Why did you bring it up?

Ruby: You’re holding it.

Ginger: Mystique likes to watch football.

Ruby: Mystique is a battery operated butterfly in a glass jar.

Ginger: Who likes football.

Ruby: You’re not entirely sane, you know.

Ginger: I’ve been told.

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