Too Much?

Ginger: Ruby, when is too much, officially, too much?

Ruby: About three milkshakes ago.

Ginger: No, I mean, aside from that.

Ruby: How many times have you watched Serenity?

Ginger: That is an unfair question.

Ruby: Because you can’t remember?

Ginger: Because you know the answer already.

Ruby: Okay, so, what brought this on?

Ginger: I was thinking about deleted scenes and storylines.

Ruby: Of Serenity?

Ginger: You just have that wonderful movie on your brain, don’t you?

Ruby: Okay, fine. What movie were you watching recently that had deleted scenes and storylines that you somehow know about even though they were deleted that brought this question on?

Ginger: …okay, so it was Serenity. But it’s also happened while I watched 21 Jump Street – the new movie version.

Ruby: It becomes too much, then, when the director and the producer and common sense get into a room together and realize that the average audience member can only absorb so much at a time and things need to be deleted from the final product.

Ginger: Like Inara and Mal actually having conversations that show they’ve grown?

Ruby: I thought you were holding out for a sequel.

Ginger: Like Inigo when he first meets The Man In Black, I’m starting to lose hope.

Ruby: Interesting choice of characters to compare yourself…

Ginger: Why do you say that?

Ruby: Because you know The Princess Bride almost as well as you know Serenity and you know that even after Inigo admits he is starting to lose hope of ever accomplishing his goal, he ultimately does find the six-fingered man.

Ginger: Way to spoil The Princess Bride, Ruby.

Ruby: YOU’VE SEEN IT. You know it by heart! You’ve quoted it to me in your sleep!

Ginger: Oh, yeah, sorry I fell asleep on the car ride home. Again.

Ruby: Way to try to change the subject. Again.

Ginger: Look, you started to bring attention to the silent wish that must never be said aloud until all hope is officially lost. And it can’t be lost. Know why?

Ruby: Because you still believe in unicorns and magical talking koi that grant wishes to the pure of heart?

Ginger: Because, Ruby. You can’t stop the signal. You can never stop the signal.

Ruby: That might be too much.

Ginger: But you don’t know for sure…

Ruby: I still think it’s weird that your favorite Valentine’s Day movie is Serenity.

Ginger: My favorite Valentine’s Day movie isn’t Serenity. It’s Sin City.

Ruby: Then why did we just watch Serenity?!

Ginger: Because you quoted Serenity when you opened the door! I thought that was what you were in the mood to watch!

Ruby: …what did I say, exactly, and why do you carry Serenity around with you everywhere you go?

Ginger: You said “What was that?” when you answered the door. It’s Mal’s first and last line in the movie.

Ruby: YOU KNOCKED. You never knock!

Ginger: AND…why would I not carry Serenity with me everywhere I go?

Ruby: Because that is, absolutely, definitely, without a doubt, officially, too much.

Ginger: Got it.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: …no.


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