Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Ginger: What are you looking at?

Ruby: Buffalo.

Ginger: Buffalo buffalo?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Ruby: Don’t say ‘buffalo’ eight times.

Ginger: Why are you looking at buffalo?

Ruby: Not buffalo. Buffalo.

Ginger: Oh, I get it. I can’t say ‘buffalo’ eight times, but you can.

Ruby: No, I’m saying I’m not looking at the animal, I’m looking at the city.

Ginger: That sounds less appealing. At least looking at the animal, you’re won over by the cute, cuddly fuzzy faces. The city…is buildings.

Ruby: I really don’t think buffalo are all that cute or cuddly.

Ginger: Are you kidding? I just wanna wrap my arms around them and smoosh my face in their fuzzy-wuzzy-ness.

Ruby: Do you even know what a buffalo looks like?

Ginger: They’re purple, right?

Ruby: …yes. And they have wings.

Ginger: Mmm…buffalo wild wings…now I’m hungry, Ruby. Way to go.

Ruby: Sorry.

Ginger: Wait, you didn’t answer me – why are you looking at Buffalo?

Ruby: A friend of mine is moving there and I wanted to see what it’s like.

Ginger: Do they have wild buffalo wandering all over the place?

Ruby: …do you still think buffalo are purple?

Ginger: Maybe.

Ruby: Then, yes. Wild buffalo still wander all over the place. And nest in coops kept on top of apartment buildings.

Ginger: That’s cool. Will your friend start a buffalo coop?

Ruby: Possibly.

Ginger: Will you get to see pictures?

Ruby: Of the buffalo coop?

Ginger: Of the Buffalo buffalo coop.

Ruby: …no…because buffalo are like…vampires…and don’t show up on film…or in mirrors.

Ginger: I didn’t know that. That’s really cool! Now I definitely want a buffalo!

Ruby: You’re really gullible today.

Ginger: It makes the day easier to deal with when I stop questioning it.

Ruby: Ah.

Ginger: Pretty much. So, who’s moving to Buffalo?

Ruby: Fly.

Ginger: WHAT?!

Ruby: Kidding! What happened to not questioning it?

Ginger: There’s a limit to everything, Ruby-roo. Don’t screw with my head like that.

Ruby: Sorry. My co-worker is moving to Buffalo.

Ginger: When your friendly co-worker gets there, will you ask if Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo really do buffalo Buffalo buffalo?

Ruby: I thought I told you not to say ‘buffalo’ eight times.

Ginger: You did, but I thought you meant consecutively. This wasn’t consecutive – I interjected a “really do” in there.

Ruby: Right.

Ginger: Will you ask, though?

Ruby: …do you still think buffalo are purple?

Ginger: Sure.

Ruby: Then, yes.

Ginger: You’re really good to me.

Ruby: It’s easier when you decide to not question anything.

Ginger: I know, right?


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