Scarves Are Tricky

Ginger: Mmmmph!

Ruby: Take off the scarf before you talk to me.

Ginger: Mm-phmmph!

Ruby: …yes, you can.

Ginger: Mm-phmmph-mmph-phmmph-phmmph!

Ruby: …I’m not playing this game with you.

Ginger: MMMMMPPH!!!

Ruby: I’m not apologizing for you having to ride the bus here. It’s below freezing out there. I didn’t want to have to leave home now that I got warm.


Ruby: Just take off the scarf!

Ginger: PHMMRPH!!

Ruby: …I’d offer to give you a pen and paper, but then you might actually be able to communicate with me and…honestly…this is too much fun.

Ginger: …mmphrrhmmprprphh…

Ruby: Now, Ginger, we’ve talked about that sort of language. It’s not welcome in this home.


Ruby: What would your mother say if she heard you say such words?

Ginger: Mmph.

Ruby: Exactly.

Ginger: Rmphh, mphrhr, mmphrrrmphr?

Ruby: No, I didn’t watch that yet. Was it a good episode?

Ginger: RMPHY!

Ruby: You’re getting better syllable sounds. Are you finally thawing out?

Ginger: YMMPH!!

Ruby: Don’t shout at me.

Ginger: Mmphry.

Ruby: I don’t understand why it’s so hard for you to just take off the scarf and talk like a normal human being.

Ginger: “NRMPHRL?”

Ruby: You’re right. You’re not normal. Why are you dripping?

Ginger: Because the coffee that had frozen the scarf to my face is finally melting enough that I can take off the scarf! Thanks for all the help.

Ruby: How did coffee freeze your scarf to your face?

Ginger: …I went to take a sip of coffee, but forgot the scarf was up and suddenly, I had a coffee-scented frozen scarf stuck to my face.

Ruby: You’re right. You’re not normal.

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