Where Were You 3 Years Ago?

Ruby: Hello, Ginger. What are you up to?

Ginger: Ruby! Have you seen this movie? It was so good!

Ruby: Which one? Oh…yeah. I saw that, like, three years ago.

Ginger: Really?

Ruby: Yeah. When it came out in theatres.

Ginger: …really?

Ruby: Yeah. When did you see it?

Ginger: …um…

Ruby: Last night?

Ginger: Well, clearly, I was busy three years ago.

Ruby: Name three things that you did three years ago.

Ginger: I…attended a wedding…I think? And…ate a meal…or two… And I definitely bought a TV show on DVD.

Ruby: Which show?

Ginger: I wanna say Dark Angel, but I’d have to check my Amazon purchase history.

Ruby: Who got married?

Ginger: When?

Ruby: Who got married three years ago?

Ginger: Friends of mine…?

Ruby: Which friends?

Ginger: I have friends.

Ruby: Okay. Which ones got married three years ago?

Ginger: Two that were in love…?

Ruby: That’s so descriptive.

Ginger: I can’t believe you saw this movie before me. And without me.

Ruby: Fly thought it looked funny.

Ginger: Okay.

Ruby: How did you possibly fall behind in movies?

Ginger: I honestly don’t know.

Ruby: Slacker.

Ginger: I had things to do! Weddings and meals and purchasing DVD’s online!

Ruby: Are you seriously checking your Amazon purchasing history right now?

Ginger: …it’s easier than texting my married friends and asking them when they got married.

Ruby: Right.


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