Okay…You Can Blink Now.

Ginger: Hey, Ruby, can I borrow a—

Ruby: Shh!

Ginger: …did you just ‘shh’ me?

Ruby: Yes! Shh!

Ginger: …why are you clinging to the blanket?

Ruby: Because! Shh!

Ginger: …you do know you can’t watch TV with your eyes closed, right?

Ruby: Says you! Shh!

Ginger: Oh, wait…I know this show…

Ruby: Great! Tell me when it’s all clear!

Ginger: …ok…

Ruby: Okay, what? Okay, it’s all clear or okay you’ll tell me?

Ginger: I think it’s all clear now.

Ruby: Thank you…GINGER!!!

Ginger: Can you watch the TV better with the blanket over your head?


Ginger: Do what?

Ruby: You said it was all clear!!!

Ginger: No, I said I think it’s all clear. I was wrong. Apparently.

Ruby: You saw he had two shadows – you knew better!

Ginger: I thought that was just a special effects glitch…

Ruby: Why would you think that??

Ginger: Because I’ve never seen this before. What is eating that man in the spacesuit?

Ruby: …wait, what? Hang on…


Ruby: It’s on Netflix.


Ruby: You lied to me!

Ginger: What is this?!

Ruby: It’s Doctor Who. Duh. You, of all people, should know all the episodes by heart!

Ginger: OH! …um…funny story…

Ruby: You don’t like Doctor Who??

Ginger: No – not that at all. I appreciate everything I have ever…heard about…the show…

Ruby: You…I’m sorry, try that again?

Ginger: I thought I got a free pass on the show because I was born during an episode…

Ruby: That’s not possibly true. You watch anything even remotely described as sci-fi…how could you not watch and love Doctor Who?!

Ginger: My mother always said that she was in labor, but that until she heard the strains of Doctor Who start up, I didn’t actually try to come out. Clearly, I missed that episode and put it on my To Watch Someday List and…never got back to it.


Ginger: When did you take the crazy card from my bag of tricks?

Ruby: We can start right now! I don’t mind watching them again!

Ginger: Wait, what?

Ruby: We should start with…hmm…you look like a 9th Doctor to me…we can start there.

Ginger: Wait – hold on!

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Exterminate, Don’t Blink, Two Shadows, Bowties Are Cool, Fez Hat, Multi-Colored Scarf, Sarah Jane, Daleks, Vashta Nerada, Weeping Angels, Are You My Mummy, Sonic Screwdrivers, TARDIS, UNIT, the Ood…Bad Wolf…and, um…I think there’s a beetle involved somewhere…aren’t you supposed to follow it?

Ruby: How can you possibly know all that?

Ginger: I don’t watch the show, but that doesn’t mean I close my eyes and ears at conventions. And around friends and family. And near my pediatrician when I was a kid.

Ruby: Seriously?

Ginger: I like to think I’m the Companion That Never Was. As opposed to the children of David Tennant and Georgia Moffett, who are destined to save the world. Repeatedly.

Ruby: Ginger, that’s…I…some days, I…don’t know what to make of you.

Ginger: Okay, but today, can you make of me a borrower of books? I need that trashy romance where the cover is a girl on a swing.

Ruby: …which one?

Ginger: It’s very Evelyn Nesbitt – there are flowers? It’s kind of yellow-ish hued?

Ruby: Can you provide an author or a character name?

Ginger: No, but it’s usually resting under an empty water glass to the left of your computer monitor and there was a small green plastic bead in the shape of a turtle just to the right of the bottom corner – here it is! I’ll bring it back tomorrow, okay? Have fun watching the Doctor save the world! Again!

Ruby: …okay…?


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