Pop Goes The Idea…

Ruby: Why are you here?

Ginger: That’s a really good question. Philosophers have debated it for centuries. What’s your take?

Ruby: Why are you here at my apartment?

Ginger: Didn’t you say there was wedding cake tasting today?

Ruby: You’re not invited to that.

Ginger: That is a horrible thing to say, Ruby. Who else loves to eat cake as much as me? You know your husband-to-be is only going to ask you what you think. Don’t you want someone else to offer actual opinions on the cake?

Ruby: You’re going to ask for chocolate.

Ginger: …there are many nuances to chocolate, Ruby, that I don’t think you have considered with an open mind.

Ruby: I don’t like chocolate cake.

Ginger: You are not the only person eating cake at this wedding, Ruby.

Ruby: I am the bride, Ginger.

Ginger: I am not impressed, Ruby.

Ruby: Remember how the women at the bridal gown store kept asking me what I liked for the bridesmaids’ dresses?

Ginger: I have a vague memory of being ignored a lot…

Ruby: Yeah, this is going to be like that, only with cake bites.

Ginger: This is outrageous! It’s like just because it’s not my wedding, I don’t get a say at all!

Ruby: Because you don’t.

Ginger: Ugh. This is agonizing!

Ruby: I know. It’s so weird, the wedding being all about what the bride and groom want…

Ginger: Okay, if you won’t get a chocolate cake, will you at least consider a coffee-flavored cake?

Ruby: Fly doesn’t like coffee.


Ruby: …how much coffee have you had today already?

Ginger: I don’t know…I lost count after the Dunkin Donuts guy cut me off…

Ruby: When did you get up this morning?

Ginger: I was too excited about getting to eat cake all morning. I woke up around two…

Ruby: Do me a solid?

Ginger: …what is said solid?

Ruby: My couch seems to be lumpy. Would you lay down on it and see where the lumps seem to congregate the most? It may take a while to figure out…you might need to close your eyes to visualize where the lumps are felt…

Ginger: You have the weirdest requests.

Ruby: Do you feel the lumpy cushions yet?

Ginger: Not…exactly…

Ruby: You know, it might help if you pull that blanket over you, too…to help…um…center…your mental…process?

Ginger: Hmm…y’know…this is…really… (snore)

Ruby: It amazes me that you never stop falling for that.


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