The Dangers of Baking Are Never Obvious

Ruby: What are you doing?

Ginger: Do you realize how many of our conversations start that way?

Ruby: Do you realize how many of them wouldn’t have to if you did normal things at normal hours of the day?

Ginger: I ran out of coffee at home.

Ruby: Most people would go to a place where they sell coffee – you know, like, say, Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks or Caribou Coffee.

Ginger: But I forgot to go to the ATM yesterday on my way home from work.

Ruby: All of those places take plastic as payment, too.

Ginger: I have heard that. But your coffee is free when I bring my own mug.

Ruby: That’s my mug.

Ginger: And sharing is caring.

Ruby: Why are you here at six in the morning?

Ginger: Because I thought you would be sleeping?

Ruby: I was sleeping. Emphasis on the verb in the past tense.

Ginger: That is a shame. Emphasis on the verb in the present tense.

Ruby: You were planning on eating breakfast here, too, weren’t you?

Ginger: You made cinnamon rolls last night! You texted me to come over and have some so you wouldn’t eat them all yourself!

Ruby: I meant after work. Not several hours before work.

Ginger: Well, you should have specified.

Ruby: Clearly.

Ginger: Are you going to join me for breakfast, or what?

Ruby: …well, since I’m up…I guess…

Ginger: Coffee in the pot is fresh.

Ruby: Did you use the Magic Beans?

Ginger: Well, I did forget it here on purpose after the shopping trip.

Ruby: I did notice that. Pass me a cinnamon roll, will you?

Ginger: Absolutely.

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