Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree…At All.

Ginger: Ouch.

Ruby: Hold still.

Ginger: Ouch!

Ruby: I told you to hold still!

Ginger: Holding still hurts!

Ruby: Well, you’re the one who stood outside in full sunlight without any sunblock for three hours.

Ginger: I was in shade – not full sunlight.

Ruby: Well, your skin tells a different story.

Ginger: Now I get it…

Ruby: Get what? Pasty white skin burns? Why did it take this long to learn?

Ginger: No, I get why I’m not supposed to sit under the apple tree.

Ruby: What?

Ginger: That old song – don’t sit under the apple tree without any sunscreen on…

Ruby: Those are not the words.

Ginger: They might be the words.

Ruby: They’re not.

Ginger: They could be the words.

Ruby: But they’re not.

Ginger: But they make sense.

Ruby: Only to you. And, apparently, only in retrospect.

Ginger: Ouch.

Ruby: Does it hurt when I poke here?

Ginger: Ouch – yes!

Ruby: Why did you neglect to apply sunblock?

Ginger: I wanted to get tan for your wedding.

Ruby: And you decided three hours outside would do it?

Ginger: I was in a hurry and decided to get it all done at once.

Ruby: And we see how well that worked out.

Ginger: Yes. The apple tree lied.

Ruby: That’s not…even…close to what… Ginger, maybe you should learn those other words to the apple tree song.

Ginger: I told you those could be the words. You didn’t believe me.

Ruby: Does it still hurt if I poke you here?

Ginger: Ouch!!! Yes!



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