I’ll Hold My Breath & Be Your Something Blue!

Ruby: Ginger, I’m a little busy.

Ginger: Okay, final checklist.

Ruby: You know I’m already on the road, right? I will be at the hotel in less than four hours.

Ginger: I’m not. I could pick up some things you may have forgotten.

Ruby: Fair point.

Ginger: Besides, I timed it so you would be at your first coffee/leg stretch break.

Ruby: You know me a little too well.

Ginger: Okay, so, final checklist.

Ruby: Go for it.

Ginger: Veil?

Ruby: Check.

Ginger: Garter?

Ruby: Check.

Ginger: Flowers?

Ruby: Already at the hotel.

Ginger: Teddy?

Ruby: I’m not providing you with information regarding my attire for my wedding night, no matter how many times you ask me.

Ginger: I was talking about the bear you take with you every time you travel.

Ruby: His name isn’t Teddy. It’s Major Ursa.

Ginger: You are such an astronomy nerd.

Ruby: Why, thank you.

Ginger: So, your bear is in the military?

Ruby: Well, of course. And he’s an officer.

Ginger: Does he have a saber or a sidearm?

Ruby: Um…why would I do that?

Ginger: Because you firmly believe in the right to arm bears?

Ruby: You have so many issues…

Ginger: Says the woman who named her teddy bear Major Ursa.

Ruby: Weren’t we discussing a checklist of some sort?

Ginger: Right. Shoes?

Ruby: Check.

Ginger: Passport?

Ruby: Check.

Ginger: First gown?

Ruby: Check.

Ginger: Second gown?

Ruby: Check – Fly’s aunt is already at the hotel with that one.

Ginger: Third gown?

Ruby: Check. My mother is at the hotel with it this moment.

Ginger: Fourth gown?

Ruby: Fly’s other aunt is making one last hem adjustment at the hotel. Check.

Ginger: Fifth gown?

Ruby: There’s no fifth gown.

Ginger: There are twelve gowns – you can’t fool me.

Ruby: There’s the gown I’m wearing for the ceremony, the gown for the water ceremony, the gown I can wear and actually move in and the gown that…look, do I really have to go through all of this again?

Ginger: Do you have all the gowns needed in which you can marry Fly tomorrow afternoon?

Ruby: Yes.

Ginger: Then I’ll move on.

Ruby: Thank you.

Ginger: You’re really ready, then? You’re all set to marry the one and only true love of your life?

Ruby: Yes. Yes, I am.

Ginger: Then I will see you at the hotel tonight.

Ruby: It’s weird to not drive with you in the car.

Ginger: I know. I miss you already.

Ruby: Clearly. Bye for now, Ginger.

Ginger: Bye for now. Oh – wait – are you in your car yet?

Ruby: …yes?

Ginger: I left a special present for you in the glove compartment.

Ruby: Should I be scared?

Ginger: Probably.

Ruby: …it’s a CD…

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: Ginger, is this a CD of sappy love songs to prepare me for my wedding?

Ginger: No. Don’t be silly. It’s a recording of me talking randomly about whatever came to my mind as I recorded it.

Ruby: …why?

Ginger: Because you’ll miss me on the drive.

Ruby: Of course.

Ginger: You can take it with you on your honeymoon, if you want.

Ruby: I’ll probably pass on that offer. But thanks.

Ginger: Any time.


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