Dragons Can’t Text

*bleep, bleep*

Fly: Seriously?

Ruby: Hey, look! I get signal here!

Fly: Did you get a text? We’re on our honeymoon!

Ruby: It’s from Ginger…poor thing must be out of her mind with boredom…

Fly: So, what does she say?

*bleep, bleep*

Ruby: Oh…no.

Fly: What?

Ruby: When Ginger gets bored, or lonely, or…experiences any kind of emotion…she watches TV shows.

Fly: You mean like Firefly?

Ruby: How do you think she becomes the…walking TV-pedia she is? She gets a haircut and celebrates by buying a DVD set of some show she’s never seen before.

*bleep, bleep*

Fly: So…what is she watching now?

Ruby: Game of Thrones.

Fly: Okay…?

*bleep, bleep*

Ruby: So, she’s texting me every single thought she’s having about the show.

Fly: Every thought?

*bleep, bleep*

Ruby: There’s a lot of “dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons” in these texts.

Fly: I thought she read the books…

Ruby: She did. But now she gets to see dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons…

*bleep, bleep*

Ruby: …dragons.

Fly: Is that a picture?

Ruby: It’s a drawing. She made. Of her riding a dragon.

Fly: I’m pretty sure that’s not what the Game of Thrones dragons look like…

Ruby: I don’t think she cares.

*bleep, bleep*

Fly: Dragons?

Ruby: Dragons.

Fly: Can I see the texts?

*bleep, bleep*

Ruby: It’s pretty…one track…

Fly: Dragons…dragons…dragons…dragons…dragons…dragons…dragons…dragons… She seriously doesn’t text anything else?

Ruby: The drawing…?

*bleep, bleep*

Fly: Yeah. I see that. How did you know it was Game of Thrones?

Ruby: I was warned. She gave me a CD to listen to in the car on the drive to the wedding.

Fly: You listened to it?

Ruby: …can I plead the fifth?

Fly: I don’t think so. We’re in Canada.

Ruby: Niagara Falls counts as Canada?

Fly: You spend way too much time with Ginger.

*bleep, bleep*




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