I Can Hear Molecules

Ginger: Ruby!

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Ruby!

Ruby: What?

Ginger: Ruby!

Ruby: WHAT?!

Ginger: Can I have more coffee?

Ruby: No. No, you cannot.

Ginger: I only had three cups!

Ruby: In one hour! And now I am the one paying for it.

Ginger: I didn’t know you paid for it! You should have told me! I can pay for my own coffee! What do I owe you?

Ruby: That’s not what I meant.

Ginger: I refuse to be in debt to you for my coffee needs!

Ruby: Ginger, I didn’t pay money…okay. You got me. I paid $17.50 for your coffee.

Ginger: I don’t have that exactly…can I just give you a $20 and we can call it square?

Ruby: Sure.

Ginger: Thank you!

Ruby: Any time.

Ginger: Let’s see…$17.50 works out to…$5.83ish per cup… That’s a lot for a cup of coffee.

Ruby: I…would have to agree.

Ginger: I think you lied.

Ruby: Me? Lie? To you? The over-caffeinated one?

Ginger: I think you knew that $17.50 was the exact amount that the quiet lady asked for in It’s a Wonderful Life and you knew that any time I can’t think of what something cost, but I knew it was a reasonable price, I say $17.50.

Ruby: Sure. We’ll say that is true.

Ginger: The most I have ever paid for a cup of coffee was $4 something…

Ruby: And that’s from the green mermaid place, right?

Ginger: Sure. We’ll say that is true.

Ruby: Right.

Ginger: So that means it was really $12 that I owe you for the coffee.

Ruby: Did you have $12 on you?

Ginger: No.

Ruby: Do you want $8 back?

Ginger: No, because now that we have settled that math problem, it means I can have two more cups of coffee and it won’t cost you a thing!!

Ruby: No!

Ginger: YES!

Ruby: Ginger – please don’t drink the coffee!

Ginger: Did you poison it?

Ruby: Why would I…okay. You got me. I poisoned the coffee.

Ginger: Why would you do a thing like that?

Ruby: I…come from the future?

Ginger: Wormhole or DeLorian?

Ruby: …both.

Ginger: That sounds crazy.

Ruby: Are you sure? You have had a lot of caffeine.

Ginger: This is true.

Ruby: So. No more coffee. Because of the poison. I put in there. Because the future warned me.

Ginger: I totally believe you. Can we watch TV?

Ruby: Yes. Anything you want to watch?

Ginger: Firefly.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: I gave you $20, promised to not drink anymore coffee and claimed to believe you when you informed me you came from the future to poison the remaining coffee.

Ruby: Let’s watch Firefly!

Ginger: YAY!


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