Cookie Monster Is A Kindred Spirit

Ginger: What are those cookies that have a Hershey’s Kiss® on them?

Ruby: They have peanut butter in the actual cookie part, so you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them.

Ginger: Oh, yeah. Don’t make those.

Ruby: I wasn’t going to because I have had way too much chocolate this week and those have a Hershey’s Kiss® on them.

Ginger: Oh, yeah.

Fly: What’s going on?

Ruby: We’re deciding what cookies to bake tonight.

Ginger: OH! What about these cookies with chocolate centers?

Ruby: Stop suggesting chocolate in the cookies!

Ginger: Right. Sorry.

Fly: We have cookies. See? Right here.

Ruby: These cookies are almost gone so I need to make more soon. I need something non-chocolate because I’ve been eating too much chocolate this week already. Do you have any ideas for what kind I should make next?

Fly: None.

Ruby: No ideas… or no cookies?!

Fly: No cookies. If you make them we just eat them.

Ruby: But… I need cookies.

Ginger: Me, too! The world needs cookies!

Fly: We still have Halloween candy.

Ruby: This does me no good. The candy is chocolate.

Fly: Okay?

Ginger: Remember that part about Ruby needing to stop eating the chocolate part?

Fly: I remember; I just don’t…get the difference.

Ruby: I. Need. Cookies.

Ginger: Oh! Ruby! Make these!

Ruby: That’s the fourth time you’ve suggested chocolate chip cookies.

Ginger: You can pick out the chocolate chips…?

Fly: They’re still sweets…

Ruby: It’s not the same!

Ginger: Not even a little! The FDA agrees with us on this! Ooh! S’MORES COOKIES!

Ruby: Ignore the one eating a mini Twix with her chocolate milk.

Fly: We have chocolate syrup?

Ginger: Nope!

Ruby: I told you to ignore her… Look, I need cookies because…they’re cookies.

Fly: But we eat them when they’re here.

Ginger: That’s what cookies are for!

Ruby: Fly, darling husband of mine, please hear me.

Fly: …okay…?

Ruby: Cookies.

Fly: …okay.

Ginger: YAY! COOKIES!!

Fly: I can still ignore her?

Ruby: Until she comes down from the sugar high, yeah.


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