A Ghost of a Percentage of a Chance

Ginger: Hey, Ruby, what’s percent again?

Ruby: The slash with two dots on either side.

Ginger: I’m…not asking for a description of the symbol…

Ruby: Okay…?

Ginger: How do you figure out the percentage of something?

Ruby: Can’t you Google this? Or ask Siri?

Ginger: Are you suggesting you don’t have time to tutor me in math?

Ruby: I am kind of in the middle of something.

Ginger: Disarming a bomb?

Ruby: What? I…yes. I am disarming a bomb. Right now. In my office at work.

Ginger: That’s weird. Don’t they usually send in the bomb squad or something?

Ruby: They would, but clearly I was the best option.

Ginger: Well, you would be. I mean, you are the Baroness of Strategic Planning. You have the sash, with your title printed on it in binary. Who else would be chosen for this task?

Ruby: You still have to tell me where you got that printed…

Ginger: Seriously, Ruby, I can’t remember how to get the percentage of this thing.

Ruby: Seriously, Ginger, there’s this magical place called “the internet.” I’m pretty sure you know how to look it up.

Ginger: You don’t like it when I spend time on the internet.

Ruby: I never said that.

Ginger: Yes, you did.

Ruby: When did I say that?

Ginger: I think it was after I watched that YouTube video…with the clips from Firefly set to the song about Stacy’s Mom?

Ruby: …Ginger, that’s because you watched videos online for ten straight hours…

Ginger: How’s that bomb going?

Ruby: What? Oh, yeah, it exploded. You’re talking to my ghost.

Ginger: That’s too bad.

Ruby: It’s nice to know I’ll be missed.

Ginger: Well, now that you’re a ghost, how do I figure out the percentage of this?

Ruby: Oh, it’s easy, you just………oh….I’m fading…Ginger…use a calculator….oh….

Ginger: Ruby? Ruby?

Ruby: …

Ginger: Does this mean I get your romance novel collection?

Ruby: Well, it’s pretty clear Fly won’t want it.

Ginger: True.


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