Always In Motion, The Future Is…

Ginger: Ruby! I can predict the future!

Ruby: No, Ginger, you can’t.

Ginger: I can! If you turn on the TV right now, it will be an episode of NCIS playing!

Ruby: It doesn’t count if you read what’s playing on the internet.

Ginger: But how would I know what channel your TV was set to when you turned off the TV last?

Ruby: Because you know me and the channels I watch. That doesn’t mean you can predict the future.

Ginger: I can so! Watch! Turn on the radio – I’ll predict the song playing! It’ll be…um…NPR!

Ruby: Again, that’s only because you know what radio stations I listen to. It doesn’t mean you’re psychic.

Ginger: I can totally predict the future – you just don’t want to let me prove it to you because you’re scared.

Ruby: Okay, Ginger, here’s a deck of cards. Predict what card I’ll pull from the middle.

Ginger: I can’t use my powers like that, Ruby. If I could, I would be found out and dragged off to Vegas to use my powers for evil and that is against the code of all true psychics everywhere.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: Why else do you think you’ve never seen the headline “Psychic Wins Lottery”?

Ruby: You’re still not psychic.

Ginger: You just don’t want to know the truth.

Ruby: I already know the truth, thank you.

Ginger: I’ve been predicting songs on the radio and TV shows on TV and movies playing on TV for the past two weeks and you’re just closing your eyes to my powers.

Ruby: Clearly.

Ginger: I can predict one other thing.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: Yes. But you won’t believe me.

Ruby: Try me.

Ginger: You’re going to change your pants in about five minutes. Maybe less.

Ruby: Why would I do that?

Ginger: The future is always in motion, Ruby. I can’t say for sure.

Ruby: Ginger, just – oh! My coffee!!

Ginger: Huh. I was right.

Ruby: You could have warned me my coffee wasn’t stable on the desk!!!

Ginger: I was trying to. You weren’t listening.

Ruby: Ginger…I… Guess what. I’m psychic, too.

Ginger: Really?

Ruby: Yes. Want to know my prediction?

Ginger: It doesn’t end well for me, does it?

Ruby: Not unless you get a towel and start cleaning up the coffee while I go change.

Ginger: It’s good the future is always in motion, isn’t it?

Ruby: For you? Yes.

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