Now I Want Tacos.

Ruby: Ginger…?

Ginger: Mmf?

Ruby: Are you okay?

Ginger: …mm…hfff.

Ruby: That’s not technically a word.

Ginger: Hffuhphzz.

Ruby: Why are you laying facedown on my couch and trying to talk to me?

Ginger: Fmfnfll…

Ruby: Sit up when you try to talk to me. I’m too tired to translate right now.

Ginger: First of all, I wasn’t originally trying to talk to you while laying facedown on your couch.

Ruby: Yeah, that answers everything.

Ginger: Second, I was trying to nap.

Ruby: Facedown in a throw pillow?

Ginger: Third, “hfff” was technically a word when I said it. The pillow just happened to muffle the recognizable sound of ‘yes.’

Ruby: Let’s start with the simple question. Why were you trying to nap on my couch?

Ginger: Your place is on my way home from work. Plus if I’m here when you get home, sometimes I can subtly arrange it so you invite me to stay for dinner.

Ruby: Why were you facedown in a pillow?

Ginger: It was a long day at work. I was sort of hoping to fall asleep while screaming my frustrations into the pillow.

Ruby: Do you ever think that if you went to bed at a normal hour and got enough sleep, you’d be less frustrated with things at work?

Ginger: I tested that theory once.

Ruby: And?

Ginger: The amount of sleep I do or do not have when working makes absolutely no dent in the complex idiocy of the people in the world around me.

Ruby: Are you sure?

Ginger: Maybe we could convince them to sleep in later, and then we could test the reverse of your theory!

Ruby: But, Ginger…wait, would I get to sleep in later, too?

Ginger: …do you want to?

Ruby: Kinda, yeah.

Ginger: Then, yes. Because I’m always nice to you.

Ruby: You tried to give me a live chicken for my birthday.

Ginger: Lightbulb weeps nightly that you rejected him. Not terribly manly of him, but…

Ruby: But he is actually a she, so, it’s really okay.

Ginger: Do you want tacos for dinner?

Ruby: Are you going to finish your nap before Fly gets home so we can all go get tacos together?

Ginger: Well, if you insist on inviting me…

Ruby: You’re really not that subtle, y’know.

Ginger: Don’t tell Lightbulb. He thinks I’m extremely subtle.

Ruby: Right.


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