There Is No Bruise.

Ginger: Ow.

Ruby: Can’t hear you.

Ginger: OW.

Ruby: I apologize. It wasn’t that I “can’t” hear you; it’s more like I’m not listening.

Ginger: OWIE.

Ruby: Ginger, you cannot expect sympathy when you do injury to yourself.

Ginger: Yes, I can.

Ruby: Why?

Ginger: Because you do.

Ruby: …oh, poor Ginger – what happened?

Ginger: I walked into a table.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: No, but the truth is so ridiculous, no one would believe me.

Ruby: Try me.

Ginger: Can I just make up a story that is impossible to believe?

Ruby: Is your actual injury a result of watching your iPad more closely than where you were going?

Ginger: No. But I could say that, if people will believe it.

Ruby: Were you texting and walking?

Ginger: No. I actually get annoyed by people who do that.

Ruby: You get annoyed by people.

Ginger: This is true.

Ruby: What happened?

Ginger: I was washing the dishes.

Ruby: And?

Ginger: I dropped a plate.

Ruby: …and?

Ginger: I tried to catch it…with my foot.

Ruby: …and…?

Ginger: It bounced – luckily – but it bruised my foot.

Ruby: You’re right. No one will believe that. What else do you have?

Ginger: Aliens, vampires, zombies and Bigfoot.

Ruby: Stick with the door.

Ginger: But you haven’t heard how they all fit together!!

Ruby: …that’s all one story?!

Ginger: I had to make it unbelievable.

Ruby: …I don’t know what I was thinking.

Ginger: I rarely know what I’m thinking. I find it’s more entertaining that way.

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