My Love Is True!

Ruby: This is Ruby.

Ginger: I’m in love.

Ruby: I know.

Ginger: No, really. It’s real this time.

Ruby: Oh, so he’s not a captain of a Firefly class transport?

Ginger: …okay, well, I am in love with him, and always will be, but I am in love with someone who lives in this century.

Ruby: Oh. Well, okay.

Ginger: … “Oh, well, okay?” That’s all you have to say?

Ruby: Ginger, you fall in love with someone every time you see a new TV show.

Ginger: That’s a good point.

Ruby: So, you can understand my lack of enthusiasm.

Ginger: Yeah… I guess.

Ruby: So, if he’s not a captain of a Firefly class transport, does that mean he drives a 1967 Chevy Impala?

Ginger: Well, him, too.

Ruby: Okay. So, that rules him from the conversation. Did you want to give me a clue, or did you want to just let me keep talking?

Ginger: I think it’s fun this way, but I’ll give you a clue.

Ruby: Okay, I’m ready.

Ginger: The show was cancelled.

Ruby: Did he fight crime with a team of thieves, grifters and hackers in order to provide leverage to those downtrodden by big business?

Ginger: …oh, yeah! Him, too…

Ruby: But that’s not who you started this conversation about, was it?

Ginger: Not this time, no. Wow, I really do love a lot of TV characters…

Ruby: No, not a lot… Just Mal Reynolds, Dean Winchester, Eliot Spencer, Jim Longworth, Peter Burke, Nick Burkhardt, John Kennex, Gibbs, Richard Castle, Branch Connolly, Coach Taylor, Rayland Givens, Sheriff Jack Carter, Cameron Hicks…

Ginger: Wow. You really listen to me.

Ruby: Yeah. I do. But in my defense, you really talk about characters you claim you love a lot.

Ginger: That does sound like me.

Ruby: So, who were you talking about?

Ginger: When?

Ruby: When you first called and told me you were in love?

Ginger: Oh. Um.

Ruby: You forgot already, didn’t you?

Ginger: Well, you went and distracted me with all those other lovely characters whom I also, truly, madly, deeply love and will never waver in my unchanging love for them! I can do nothing but blame you for my distraction.

Ruby: Yup. Can I get back to work, now?

Ginger: Will you be offended if I call you back when I remember?

Ruby: I would expect nothing less.


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