Laborious Day of Labor

Ginger: Hm…it’s almost déjà vu…

Ruby: Do we have a shopping trip on Labor Day every year?

Ginger: Originally, no. It was Memorial Day. But then you had to go and get married on Memorial Day weekend, so now, I have moved our traditional shopping trip to Labor Day.

Ruby: You have got to get a life.

Ginger: I’ve got to get a cart? Was that what you said?

Ruby: A life…but a cart will do for now.

Ginger: Can’t hear you over the shopping.

Ruby: So, what’s on the list?

Ginger: I thought you made the list.

Ruby: Why would I make a list when you called me and asked me over for a movie-and-a-shopping-trip-with-my-car?

Ginger: That’s a good point.

Ruby: Ginger…

Ginger: Well, list or not, I know I need fishtank water purification drops.

Ruby: Okay, that might be in the pet aisle – wait, why do you need fishtank water purification drops?

Ginger: So my fishies have pure water in their tank, silly. I’m running out of drops in my other bottle.

Ruby: When did you get fish?

Ginger: Um…Wednesday. Yeah. Wednesday, cause I got home, made the fishies feel all homey and well-fed and then watched Quantum Leap with them, explaining about Sam and Al and –

Ruby: When did you decide to get fish?

Ginger: Uh, let’s see…Wednesday…yeah. Wednesday. Cause, I was walking into the pet store and saw the fish there, so –

Ruby: Why were you walking into the pet store to begin with?

Ginger: Cause Mae was and she asked me to help her pick out fish.

Ruby: That took way too long to tell.

Ginger: But it was fun, wasn’t it?

Ruby: Wait…why were you watching Quantum Leap?

Ginger: What else is on Wednesday nights in the summer?

Ruby: Good point. So? What kind of fish, how many and what did you name them this time?

Ginger: Two fantail goldfish and one googly-eyed goldfish who’s really more calico than gold…

Ruby: And what did you name them?

Ginger: Yolanda, Saffron and Bridget.

Ruby: You need help.

Ginger: No, I can take care of fish on my own. I’ve done so before. Remember Sauraman? He lived for, like, 5 years.

Ruby: And got so big he couldn’t be flushed down a toilet.

Ginger: Good times…I miss that evil cannibalistic goldfish.

Ruby: Just promise me you won’t feed the new fish Oreo cookies.

Ginger: But look at how BIG Sauraman got on his diet of Oreo cookie crumbles!

Ruby: But he started swimming like a crack fiend and wouldn’t eat anything else for weeks!

Ginger: Crack fiends don’t swim, Ruby.

Ruby: Ginger, please.

Ginger: Fine. I promise.

Ruby: Thank you. Now, what else did you need from the store?

Ginger: Milk, some bread…I think I’m out of eggs, too.

Ruby: Okay…anything else?

Ginger: Some of these ‘Nilla wafers…maybe some…um…Oreos…?

Ruby: Ginger!

Ginger: For me! I swear!

Ruby: Put ’em back.

Ginger: This is the last time I invite you to a Labor Day tradition…

Ruby: I doubt it.


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