Starman Is Not Forgotten.

Ginger: Ruby, are you home?

Ruby: If I said no, would it make a difference?

Ginger: Try it.

Ruby: …no. I’m not home.

Ginger: I guess I have to eat this Thai food by myself, then.

Ruby: Oh! The portal works! I’m home! Ginger, when did you get here?


Ruby: You’re so gullible when you’re hungry.

Ginger: I’ve been told. Here. Thai food.

Ruby: Thanks. Hey, I never asked – how does Lightbulb like having fellow pets in your home?

Ginger: What fellow pets?

Ruby: Didn’t you get goldfish last week?

Ginger: OH! Yeah. Lightbulb didn’t think they were “fellow pets.” He thought they were “tasty.”

Ruby: …right.

Ginger: But that’s okay. I stopped watching Quantum Leap when I realized it was not the show I thought it was.

Ruby: What happened?

Ginger: I thought I had seen it as a child. I was wrong.

Ruby: What show did you see as a child?

Ginger: Starman.

Ruby: …I’m sorry, that was a TV show?

Ginger: Even as a child, I loved shows that were doomed.

Ruby: Not everything links back to Firefly, Ginger.

Ginger: I don’t know why you still argue with me over that! I’m clearly correct!

Ruby: You enjoy Supernatural. It is not a doomed show. It’s going into its bajillionth season!

Ginger: It’s going into its tenth season, Ruby. Ten. There were ten core members of Firefly – if you include Serenity herself, which I do.

Ruby: Oh, for the love of…

Ginger: Also, cast members from Firefly have gone on to appear in Supernatural. Jewel Staite and Mark Sheppard, to name just two.

Ruby: Fine. Supernatural was a dumb choice.

Ginger: For this argument?

Ruby: I stand by my original statement.

Ginger: Fair enough. I stand by mine.

Ruby: …which original statement are you standing by? I lose count with you so often…

Ginger: I guess I have to eat this Thai food by myself, then.

Ruby: Let me get this straight – in order to eat the food you brought to share with me, I have to claim you’re correct in your crazy theory about everything coming back around to Firefly?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: Fine. I can smell the lard nar from here…

Ginger: So, where’s Fly?

Ruby: …I can’t say…

Ginger: You can’t say where your own husband is?

Ruby: If I do, it might ruin his plans to help break his sister out of an immoral government facility – where they’ve been cutting into her brain to make her a psychic assassin to fight the growing threat of cannibalistic self-mutilating sociopaths – and sneak her in a cryogenic freezer box onto a spaceship run by smugglers with solid moral compasses who will sacrifice to get the message of the government’s hand in the creation of said cannibalistic self-mutilating sociopaths to everyone with access to internet like news. So don’t ask me where my husband is. I can’t say.

Ginger: …you’re the bestest, Ruby. The shiny bestest in the ‘verse.

Ruby: Hand over the lard nar – I’m so hungry and Fly won’t be home for hours!!

Ginger: You’ve earned it.

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