Bored Games

Ginger: I’m bored.

Ruby: I told you to bring a book.

Ginger: I’m bored, though.

Ruby: Ginger, I explained to you that I had one last thing that I need to finish today before we can leave – I’m not done and the more you distract me, the longer this will take.

Ginger: …but I’m bored.

Ruby: Here’s a dollar. Go find the vending machine. It’s somewhere on this floor.

Ginger: You play weird versions of Hide and Go Seek.

Ruby: Think of it as a scavenger hunt.

Ginger: …fine.

Ruby: Okay, where was I? …hmm… If I move that…there. No, not like that, more like…

Phone rings.

Ruby: Hello, this is Ruby…

Quentin: Hey, Ruby…are you really starting a scavenger hunt?

Ruby: What? …oh, no…please don’t enable her…

Quentin: I thought it was weird you needed my tie…

Ruby: No – do not engage! Quentin!

Quentin: Will I get my tie back?

Ruby: I…will do what I can.

Quentin: Okay, it’s just…I kinda liked that tie…and…

Ruby: Hang on, I’m getting another call…can I call you back?

Quentin: Sure…

Ruby: Hello, this is Ruby…

Lee: Hi, Ruby, this ScavHuntFri is a brilliant idea…

Ruby: Hi, Lee…

Lee: I like the fact that you’re beta testing it before you suggest it at the next meeting, too…

Ruby: Okay, that’s good to hear…

Lee: But at what point will I get my Manager Of The Year mug back?

Ruby: I will have that returned to you before you leave the office tonight.

Lee: Okay, thank you. I just wanted to check.

Ruby: Absolutely.

Jean: Hi, Ruby – oh, sorry, were you on the phone?

Ruby: Hi, Jean. No, I was just trying to call Quentin back. What’s up?

Jean: I wanted to know if you had another copy of the ScavHuntFri list. Terry, Mike and I wanted to make a team and try!

Ruby: Actually, because…I’m beta testing it… I only had one copy. That Ginger found. Took. Has. You met Ginger, right?

Jean: Yeah – she borrowed my glasses for one of the items on her list.

Ruby: I will make sure you get those back.

Jean: …before I have to leave tonight, right? I shouldn’t really drive without them…

Ruby: Very soon.

Jean: Okay, well, just come find me when you’re done with my glasses!

Ruby: Absolutely.

Ginger: I found the vending machine.

Ruby: What. Are. You. Doing.

Ginger: You said to entertain myself. You said to think of the afternoon as a scavenger hunt. You said…something about loving your husband…much earlier today. I guess that wasn’t relevant.

Ruby: You “borrowed” Quentin’s tie?

Ginger: It has Superman on it.

Ruby: You “borrowed” my manager’s coffee mug?

Ginger: That explains why it says Manager Of The Year on it…

Ruby: You “borrowed” Jean’s glasses? That she needs in order to see?

Ginger: I sense you’re not as excited by the game as I was…

Ruby: What else did you “borrow,” Ginger??

Ginger: Some woman’s cardigan, some guy’s cube, some lady’s gym shoes, some other guy’s jeans he had on his desk for some reason and some messy guy’s extra shirt. He spills a lot, he said.

Ruby: What did you do with all of this?

Ginger: I created a Raptor Cubicle. See?

Ruby: You took a picture with your phone?

Ginger: Well, duh. I put hard work into that.

Ruby: …how is this a Raptor Cubicle? You arranged it to look like an invisible body was sitting in the chair – did you mean Rapture Cubicle?

Ginger: I doubt Sir Spills A Lot was going to let me shred his shirt to make it look like a Raptor got to the busy co-worker. I guess Rapture Cubicle makes more sense…does this mean I don’t win the ScavHuntFri?

Ruby: Ginger! You were gone for, like, two minutes!

Ginger: I know! It’s amazing what I can do when I put my mind to it! Can we go now? I’m bored.

Ruby: You have to return everyone’s things to them. And then you have to write up ten more lists for future ScavHuntFri’s. I blame you, entirely, for this.

Ginger: …can I keep the M&M’s I won for finishing the ScavHuntFri first?

Ruby: You cheated at your own invention?

Ginger: You’re beta testing it. It’s not my fault you didn’t know.

Ruby: YES IT IS.

Ginger: …oh. Right. Your phone is on silent. I did text you.

Ruby: “No response means you’re on board?”

Ginger: It’s not my fault you didn’t respond.

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