“Have To. Office Out.” Is Not An Explanation.

Ginger: Good morning, this is Ginger.

Ruby: Did you stop by my place this morning?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: Did you…borrow…something?

Ginger: I did.

Ruby: So, you have my toaster oven.

Ginger: I do. I left a note…

Ruby: Which is why I called you. Your note was…we’ll go with ‘cryptic.’

Ginger: In what manner?

Ruby: I’m not sure what you chose to write it with…

Ginger: I only had crayons in my purse.

Ruby: And you used it on a napkin…

Ginger: I must have left my notepad at home today.

Ruby: And so it sort of says “Have to, office out, G.”

Ginger: It does not.

Ruby: I am reading it right now.

Ginger: What?

Ruby: I’m reading the note right now.

Ginger: Why aren’t you at work?

Ruby: Fly and I have an appointment with a realtor today, so I took today off.

Ginger: That sounds like a terrible waste of a day off.

Ruby: Why?

Ginger: Well, first of all, you’re wasting the realtor’s time. You’re not moving.

Ruby: …ah. Do you still have a panic attack when I suggest a significant change in your routine is imminent?

Ginger: Why?

Ruby: …no reason. Can we discuss that topic at a later date?

Ginger: Why would we need to?

Ruby: …no reason. Anyway, could you explain the note regarding my toaster oven?

Ginger: It says “Have T. O. Office out. G.”

Ruby: That doesn’t really help.

Ginger: Well, it’s a crayon on napkin. It’s not easy to compose full essays on the human nature with those as your tools.

Ruby: I just wanted to know what’s going on with my toaster oven. Right now, I care very little about essays on the human nature.

Ginger: I’m just saying.

Ruby: I’m still waiting.

Ginger: Everyone in the office is out on vacation this week. It’s pretty much me and a handful of people in other departments that I rarely see.

Ruby: …okay…?

Ginger: So, in one cube, I set up the coffee machine. To save money.

Ruby: Right…?

Ginger: In another cube, I set up your toaster oven. My manager has a mini fridge in his office and I have a key to his office. So, now, I can have hot tasty toaster oven treats with my coffee.

Ruby: What am I supposed to do without my toaster oven this week?

Ginger: …um…well, you’re not at work today anyway. You can just stop in here today and…you’re going to demand I return the toaster oven after today, aren’t you?

Ruby: I think it’s amusing that you think I’ll let you keep it for the full day today.

Ginger: …if you let me keep it here this week, I’ll put off asking you again about why you’re wasting a realtor’s time today since you’re not moving.

Ruby: Three days of the week.

Ginger: Four.

Ruby: Three and I’ll tell Fly I lent it to you with full knowledge of your plan.

Ginger: …deal.

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