Tell It To The Sock Puppet.

Ruby: Good morning, this is Ruby.

Ginger: Did you know that when you have sock puppets on your hands in the elevator, on a Friday, in a mostly empty office, the only people who look at you strangely are people who are over the age of 50?

Ruby: …why?

Ginger: Because everyone else is on a smartphone, ignoring the world around them.

Ruby: No, that’s not what I was questioning. I was questioning why you had sock puppets on your hands in the elevator.

Ginger: To find out how many people would give me weird looks. Duh.

Ruby: Someone needs to give you more work. I don’t know who, but someone does.

Ginger: Tell me about it. I had enough time to draw, color, cut out and paste facial features for Sock-mantha and Sir Heel-to-the-Toe. He has a monocle, in case you were curious.

Ruby: I wasn’t.

Ginger: Sock-mantha even has long, curly blonde hair made out of rubber bands that had broken due to disuse.

Ruby: Why do I get to hear about your office antics? Did the IT guys start blocking your calls once they realized you only call them to test their Nerd IQ’s?

Ginger: Sunil won’t block my calls. He likes to have intelligent arguments about whether or not Deckard was a replicant.

Ruby: Ah.

Ginger: He wasn’t, by the way.

Ruby: Sunil argues the other side of this, right?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: So, I don’t have to, right?

Ginger: …yes.

Ruby: So, Sunil is out today?

Ginger: ……yes.

Ruby: And the other guys won’t answer your call?

Ginger: You know, if you already know the answer to the question, it’s not very nice to ask it.

Ruby: I’m just trying to point out that I actually do have work that needs to be done, so…

Ginger: Your life is hard. Sir Heel-to-the-Toe is nodding adamantly.

Ruby: This shocks me not at all. Especially since Sir Heel-to-the-Toe is a sock with a monocle on your hand.

Ginger: Seriously, you should see how many people get on elevators without looking up from their smartphones.

Ruby: Or I could complete this project that gets derailed every time someone stops by to fill some bizarre ScavHuntFri Challenge Requirement.

Ginger: You made me come up with those lists. This is hardly my fault.

Ruby: That is entirely your fault!

Ginger: I didn’t think anyone would even go along with it…

Ruby: I think you underestimate – hang on…

Terry: Hey, Ruby, sorry – I know you’re on the phone – but do you happen to have that extendable pointer thing? We’re gonna make it look like a conductor’s baton!

Ruby: Sorry…Quentin’s team already borrowed that.

Terry: …oh. Okay. Thanks!

Ruby: Ginger, you still there?

Ginger: …no, but Sock-mantha is…?

Ruby: I blame you.


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