So Easy A Ninja Turtle Could Do It

Ruby: Ginger…I hate to ask, but…what are you doing?

Ginger: If you hate to ask, why do you?

Ruby: Because I feel if I don’t, you might continue.

Ginger: A lot of people paint.

Ruby: This is true.

Ginger: A lot of people like having intricate detail painted on their fingernails.

Ruby: This is also true.

Ginger: So I don’t know why you’re asking.

Ruby: Because you have an image of the Sistine Chapel ceiling open on your iPad. And a full palette of nail polish in front of you.

Ginger: …Can you do my right thumb?

Ruby: Seriously?

Ginger: What? I’m right-handed!

Ruby: You’re asking me to paint…is that… GINGER!

Ginger: What? It pulls together perfectly there.

Ruby: That’s not what I’m arguing!

Ginger: It’s really easy – you just put a glob here, pull it that way, swirl it a little bit, then you can use the toothpick and pull a smidgeon a little this way, push the edge a little bit that way and then use this paint here to add a little shading – but you want to use this brush for that. And then, once it dries, if I move my thumbs together…voila! The divine touch is animated!!

Ruby: You are insane.

Ginger: You can’t prove that.

Ruby: Yes, actually, I can. You just asked me to paint half of the Creation of Adam from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling on your right thumb.

Ginger: It doesn’t prove I’m insane. It proves I have faith in your artistic skills.

Ruby: …did you paint the cherubs on the other fingers on your right hand?

Ginger: Those were easy. Just a blob with a little touch of…why are you walking away? This is easy! I can teach you!!

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