So Much Glitter…

Ruby: Ginger? Where are you? We have to hurry if you want to make it to your party on time.

Ginger: I’m right here…just getting my shoes on.

Ruby: …how could I have missed you?

Ginger: It’s probably my fault. I don’t think I put enough glitter on my Birthday Girl Cape.

Ruby: Obviously.

Ginger: Look, just because you’re not interested in wearing the Birthday Girl Cape does not mean I will miss the opportunity.

Ruby: I’m…just…stunned that…it…did you wear that all day?

Ginger: Well, yesterday, when it was true…and for the dinner party tonight…why not?

Ruby: Oh. Okay.

Ginger: Look, what is the point of having a birthday if no one knows it’s your special day?

Ruby: I really don’t know.

Ginger: Besides, when else do I get to wear a glittery cape?

Ruby: Halloween. You always find a way to involve glittery capes on Halloween.

Ginger: Well, you can’t waste a good cape.

Ruby: When I see one, I’ll let you know my thoughts on that statement. Until then, I’m with Edna Mode.

Ginger: In what way?

Ruby: No capes.


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