The ‘Hot’ In ‘Hot Glue’ Is Not A Lie.

Ruby: Ginger, did you know it is possible to use a hot glue gun without removing layers of skin?

Ginger: I have heard that. I think it’s a myth.

Ruby: It’s really not.

Ginger: Then why are we applying first aid to my fingers?

Ruby: Because you are not trained in the proper use of a hot glue gun.

Ginger: I am trained on how to use power tools.

Ruby: I am aware of that.

Ginger: I have never lost a digit, a limb or an eye.

Ruby: I am also aware of that.

Ginger: So, why do I have to be trained to use super-heated glue?

Ruby: May I direct your attention to the numerous unicorn-and-fairy-covered band-aids decorating your fingertips?

Ginger: Why?

Ruby: Because you seem to be under the impression that they’re normally there.

Ginger: …they’re just a different form of nail polish. Like stickers that cover my nails.

Ruby: And your fingertips.

Ginger: Well. Yeah.

Ruby: You know that when the glue comes out of the glue gun, it’s still really hot, right?

Ginger: Yes. I know that.

Ruby: Okay…then…

Ginger: I know that…now.

Ruby: Really? Now?

Ginger: Yes. Now.

Ruby: You didn’t pick up on that after the first burn?

Ginger: It might have occurred to me, but I think I really got it this time.

Ruby: You sure about that?

Ginger: Absolutely.

Ruby: Because I have heard the stories from your mother regarding your hot glue mishaps in the past.

Ginger: …okay, but I really have it this time.

Ruby: Really?

Ginger: Yes.

Ruby: I wish I could believe you.

Ginger: Yeah… Me, too. But the unicorn band-aids are cute!

Ruby: Stop touching hot glue.

Ginger: Okay.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Ive started following… looking forward to reading some more posts from you!

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